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UK: Man who called victim ‘poof’ for pink Mohican in drunken attack avoids jail

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Reader comments

  1. A mistake not to jail them. When are the brains of brainless people like this going to evolve sufficiently that they don’t feel the need to attack ‘difference’? So sad that people can’t just accept who they are and accept who others are … and mind their own freaking business. Why are they so threatened by ‘difference’? Must have ‘issues’ of their own if you ask me ….

  2. “Great Lyde pub” thank you – now we know know where not to go for great customer service. If we can’t defend ourselves through the courts, we can at least defend ourselves by not contributing to the profits of pubs and clubs where anti-gay behaviour seems to be tolerated.

    1. dammit – just one “know”!

    2. What gives you the impression that the pub tolerates things like this? Seems a bit unfair as there are no details about the pub staff in the article.

  3. friday jones 27 Nov 2013, 8:36pm

    Cis straight men never seem to see the inconsistencies in their attitudes that are fed by their privilege. If women started knocking out a dude’s teeth every time they received unwanted attention, dentists would rule the world. But a guy gets “stared at,” decides he doesn’t enjoy it, and feels entitled to physically punish the person “staring” at him. Meanwhile, dudes just like him are not just staring, they are making rude sexual comments, shouting, and even physically assaulting women in public in the name of sexual attraction.

  4. I hope the victims ask this to be referred to the court of appeal, the sentence is clearly way to lenient

  5. Margaret Hoffman 28 Nov 2013, 8:45am

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