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Alec Baldwin rants that GLAAD ‘killed’ his show following homophobic slurs

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Reader comments

  1. The arrogance of this man is pretty astounding.
    He now thinks that it’s someone else’s fault that he’s been caught using homophobic language to attack people, he seems to be one of those people who is never sorry for his own actions, he’s just sorry for himself being caught doing it.

    I said it before, but someone really should get this man a decent PR person, armed with duct tape.
    He still doesn’t seem to understand that it’s his own flapping gums and unfiltered bullsh*t that keeps landing him in hot water.

    Most rational people would look back on what’s happened here and work out the common denominator quite easily – him and his actions and words. It’s no one’s fault but his own.

    I guess it’s fair to say that his career is officially over. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to work with him after all of this.

  2. I have given this man the benefit of the doubt too many times – but this is the last straw – why are his family so crazy – he’s becoming as obnoxious as his religious freak of a younger brother – such a shame he can’t keep his vile opinions to himself.

  3. A spoiled child in a man’s body.

  4. Bless him!!!

    Its abundantly clear that he was forced to use homophobic language. Damn them its all the gays fault for forcing him to use it.

    So on behalf of the gay world… Sorry

    Sorry that as a grown man you cant see that what you say reflects the type of person you are. Sorry that you have to blame everyone else for your own shortcomings and sorry that you even think that you are the ‘victim’.

  5. “And I have to take some responsibility for that myself.”

    Do that, Baldwin. And then shut up.

  6. GLAAD did not kill his show. That was his warped interpretation of what happened. It was the lack of viewers that caused the network to cancel the show. Always follow the money to find the truth, especially here in the US. I’m sure, just a few years ago, he would have received a flood of viewers for being controversial, but now it’s seen as being plain mean spirited. The tv network didn’t see any financial future with him. But, rather than believing too many people disliked his words and actions, he twists his little mind into believing it was GLAAD’s fault.

    This is not much different from Putin believing the social decay of Russia is the fault of Gays, thus fostering of bigoted beliefs to create a second class of citizen as a delusional means of elevating himself and others like minded bigots. Only a coward and/or psycho would feel more “manly” by choosing a weak minority to oppress.

  7. Some people simply REFUSE to accept responsibility for their own actions. Of course, ‘The Blame Culture’ is an America invention. But really, Mr. Baldwhine, if you don’t want to loose your job, you should think VERY carefully before opening your mouth. I note Jonathan Ross is now far more passive than his former ebullient, aggressive, full-of-himself persona …..

  8. Good for MSNBC for doing the right thing. It’s a shame that James Arthur’s record company are not doing the same thing about his contract.

  9. Alec Baldwin’s unique selling proposition was that when he was younger he was hot with a very sexy hairy chest, he no longer has that same USP and needs to tone down his arrogance.

    But check this out:

  10. Tom Cotner 27 Nov 2013, 4:42pm

    WRONG! Baldwin alone is responsible for getting his show canceled. Sad, that this egotistical jerk cannot see the destruction of his own making.

  11. Michele Perry 27 Nov 2013, 7:53pm

    There have been more than on instance where this guy has “blurted out” homophobic crap. Remember,THIS is the guy who also called his own daughter vile names! He’s just a bully,plan and simple. I never liked him,anyway and this is the icing on the cake.

  12. Michael Cooke 28 Nov 2013, 5:35am

    It’s not an attack on someone to call them a ‘cocksucking fag’, it’s an insult to all cock sucking fags that you would use the description as an epithet.

    I’m a fundamentalist for this distinction? and for being gay and not thinking it cool to suggest homosexuality is shameful?

  13. Peter Duncan 28 Nov 2013, 8:22am

    Glaad I am sure doesn’t kill shows which don’t display homophobic slurs but his solution to his problem is to alienate the Gay Community further.

  14. Margaret Hoffman 28 Nov 2013, 8:52am

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