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US: Family denies refusing tip to lesbian waitress over her ‘gay lifestyle’

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Reader comments

  1. Since nobody had identified them, why not just stay shtumm? Idiots.

    1. Would you stay quiet if you knew your family had been accused of giving such a disgusting message to a waiter or waitress?

      If the waitress made this up i hope the family sue her for defamation and libel

    2. They have done a public service by exposing a congenital liar who lies to gain sympathy and money from strangers.

  2. Was obviously a fake. Waitress saw that the last person who claimed to have received this kind of lifestyle advice on a restaurant bill received a lot of favourable publicity for himself and the restaurant and big tips from supporters.

    1. I totally agree … and, when I said as much in an earlier post , I too got several thumbs-down. Some people just cannot resist bandwagon-jumping. But it can do untold damage to a ’cause’ when it’s not genuine.

    2. I’m not sure about “obviously”, but I fear you’re right. And if so, I hope the waitress looses her job over it.

  3. It’s not looking good for that waitress.
    If this is something she made up after someone else had a similar experience, then she needs to be sacked and apologise to this family for dragging them through the mud.

    People like this, if lying, do great harm to the LGBT community with frivolous accusations

    1. Hey, gay people lie and cheat as much as straight ones. It doesn’t reflect on anyone but the individuals concerned. I’m gay, but I have no hesitation in calling this waitress a liar. The gay guy who made a similar claim has also been questioned, but so far I’ve not seen compelling evidence to doubt him.

      1. The problem is that this discredits GENUINE homophobia. If this really happens to someone else tomorrow, they might think twice about reporting it. If it is reported, people may think they’re making it up for monetary gain.

        The right wing press will have a field day with this, whether liars exist in the straight and gay worlds or not. They don’t give a damn about that, they’ll just use it as another excuse to attack people.

        1. There is another issue here. Gays are too ready to believe the worst of Christians (I admit to being guilty of this myself). If something appeals to our prejudice, whatever it is, we should always exercise extra caution.

          1. The thing is, if you constantly have a group of people attacking you, it’s natural to develop a hatred or mistrust of all within that group. We might know that there are some Christians out there who are not hateful bigoted fanatics, but when you’re confronted with religious insanity hurled at you for years it’s rational to reject the entire group solely on the likelihood that they will attack you.

            Not all Lions will kill you if you walk into their enclosure, but plenty of them will. Therefore it’s reasonable to assume it will happen and not walk in there.

  4. Something doesn’t quite add up here.
    Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to call the waitress’s bluff by producing previous examples of her handwriting?
    And as G said, what did the family have to gain by claiming responsibility for that receipt when they hadn’t even been identified as the malicious scribblers? It’s only libelous if you put a name and a face to it.
    Also, how many of us keep restaurant receipts lying around long after the meal to use as exhibit A?

    Admittedly there’s the potential for copycats of a similar case a couple of months back to generate publicity, but I wouldn’t like to call this one either way.

  5. PretaniVirago 26 Nov 2013, 4:00pm

    In a previous article the restaurant had said they would adjust the bill (remove charages) in order to then charge a tip for the waitress which in effect would be the restaurant tipping the waitress (taking a loss on those items). That’s probably why the credit card statement says a total that included a tip. Also, the copy you take home could be written on after the fact so proves nothing either way.
    I can see, however, how the woman’s exclaimation could be misconstrued when Dani instead of Dan showed up to wait their table – how the ‘intention’ might have been different than how it was ‘perceived’.

    1. The previous article indicated the restaurant deducted items, so the total remained the same but left some for a tip. This family are claiming their credit card statement shows a charge higher than the receipt which was the tip they added.

      1. PretaniVirago 26 Nov 2013, 5:49pm

        If the restaurant added the tip instead of adjusting the items that would account for the higher total however I would think that would some sort of illegal after the fact wouldn’t it? This begs the question though of where is the original merchant copy that supports the family’s claim? Unless THREE receipts (two marked for the merchant) were printed I wouldn’t imagine you could go back later and print an exact time stamped merchant copy so as to forge a different total (or in this case add damning evidence) or do I not understand how the system works and who has access? This whole thing is just getting strange…

  6. I’m sorry is really a story?

  7. i smelled a dirty fish the first time i read the story!

  8. While it’s hard to know exactly what’s happened here, it certainly seems as though the waitress has used an opportunity to make something up for monetary gain.

    It looks like she was initially over sensitive and misunderstood when she arrived at their table and the mother was surprised that she wasn’t “Dan” as expected, then the waitress *hoped* it was homophobia so she could scream about it. When nothing happened and she still got her tip, she made up the rest and wrote the note herself, or had someone else write it.

    I don’t see how someone can produce an identical receipt that shows a tip, while hers does not, unless she had access to the system and could print another after removing the tip.

    The time and date, and the amount, proves that the customers receipt is genuine. Hers would have to therefore be reprint with the tip removed.

    It would be interesting to see how she thinks they could have a receipt showing a tip for the same time and date.

  9. In the US you get two copies of the bill and have to fill them in both. The merchant copy does not show the tip. The customer copy does. The customer copy can be filled in with what ever you want as the restaurant does not keep it, you do. So the customer could easily have added the tip when she got home. Something is not right about the credit card bill. But we need to see that it shows the identical amount.
    What could have happened is the restaurant charged the bill with a tip which the customer did not give. Which would be fraud.

    1. These innocent people had nothing to gain by all this drama….only she did! Liars and Frauds got to major extremes to plan a sheme. She was put out from the beginning and nothing says that she whited out the tip yet took it on the original slip or the drawer wouldn’t have been even since it was charged to them. She is a pathological liar from her previous comments and actions. Also I do keep my receipts to compare them with my bill the following month and I think most people do that make a lot of charges and are respnsible. Sounds like you are on her pwersonal team or her…. that is what makes sense!

  10. Do the maths !
    93.55 + 18p tip (really ?) = 93.73, not 111.55
    Why admit to the to the bill and then give no doubt “fake copies” of bill.
    This story stinks, its just whose creating the stink that warrants a police investigation !!!
    Potential offenders are: waitress (low), customers (low), fake customers who claim bill (high), press (high)

    1. “Do the maths !”

      I suggest you re-read the article and then re-do your maths, as the tip was $18 not $0.18

      1. Frank Boulton 27 Nov 2013, 11:05am

        I agree with you maths, Jonathan. I would like to see the customer’s copy of the receipt and the entry on their credit card account. Even then, it would be difficult to say who is the offender, as any of these documents could easily be forged. The evidence of the credit card company would be more likely than any other evidence to resolve the issue.

        1. It turns out that this waitress had a long history of lying to gain sympathy and attention, including claiming to have been raped and to have brain cancer. She was dishonourably discharged from her marine corps after going AWOL. Meanwhile, the family accused, far from being homophobes, actually refused to vote for NJ Governor Chris Christie because he opposes equal marriage.

    2. Easy math Mark: $93.55 + $18 = $111.55 not pennies as you are trying to logic. She is a con and a liar with a past of similar sob stories and schemes! If it was me I would not only pursue inal charges but also deflamation of character…their signature was on the receipt. Read the article again but not high this time.

  11. Margaret Hoffman 28 Nov 2013, 8:53am

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  12. This woman is a compulsive liar with a history of making false claims to attract attention. She has variously claimed a) to have been ‘blown up’, becoming the sole survivor of an explosion that killed the rest of her regiment; b) having been raped and made pregnant by the rapist; c) having brain cancer; d) being a victim of Hurricane Sandy. None of these claims were true. She was dishonourably discharged by her marine corps after going AWOL.

    1. Moreover, far from being homophobes, the family in question refused to vote for NJ Governor Chris Christie because he does not support equal marriage.

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