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TV presenter Dr Christian Jessen pledges support for National HIV Testing Week

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Reader comments

  1. He’s the bloke who exploits vulnerable ill people for TV ratings……no thanks

    1. The purpose of his TV programme is to encourage the general public to feel less inhibited about approaching their GP if they are concerned about a health issue causing fear or embarrassment, is it not? One of the programmes focused on testicular cancer and helping a team of footballers/rugby players to check their testicles for lumps or swellings (I’m sure he enjoyed that! It’s a pity he’s not around here to check mine). Surely that’s a positive thing he’s doing, rather than exploitative?

      1. putting vulnerable maybe desperate people on TV is not the act of a compassionate person. Doing the all queers are after straight men scenario is not good either.

    2. Those vulnerable ill people also applied to appear on Embarrassing Bodies. I seriously doubt that Dr C. shoved hessian sacks over those peoples heads and forces them to take part!…

      1. I can tell you TV is full of physcopaths who would sell their soul for ratings. get vulnerable people who are terrified of their doctor. comfort them tell them its no big deal then broadcast their most intimate secrets to their neighbours.

        Yes its really lovely and he is a man of integrity.

  2. He’s a sound bloke….wish he was my fella…

  3. DrDinsmoor 24 Dec 2013, 3:59am

    Has Christian come out yet?

    He’s clearly hung up about his appearance, as are the two female presenters.

    Miserable programme.

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