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Olly Murs gives James Arthur ‘benefit of the doubt’ over use of anti-gay slurs

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Reader comments

  1. Why try to defend the indefensible?

    James Arthur is a twat. If he wasn’t homophobic, like he claims, he wouldn’t have used those kinds of lyrics in the first place.

  2. Olly’s giving him the benefit of the doubt?

    Last I checked, Olly Murs was straight – it’s not his doubt that is relevant here

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2013, 12:40pm

    Perhaps if he does something positive for LGBT rights and equality, he can expect forgiveness to make up for his irresponsible behavior.

  4. Silly man.

    There is no doubt, he said it/rapped it. It means that that level of homophobia is there and comes out rather too easily.

    As was said in another comment, it’s action that’s needed, not comfortable apologies.

    The demographic of the XFactor is young kids, it’s just appalling for them and everyone where these words are still bounded around as insults. So damaging.

  5. I’m not sure if James Arthur had said “You fuc*ing n*gger” in hi rap, Olly Murs or anyone would be coming to his defense.

    He says in the rap “you probably want to put your sticky d*ck in me, you fuc*ing queer” – which deffo sounds homophobic to me.

    Not only have his PR company, management and record company proven themselves to be homophobic for defending him, now other TV karaoke singers are coming to his defense.

  6. Frank Boulton 26 Nov 2013, 2:07pm

    It sounds as if James Arthur is trying to play the victim and his case is so pathetic. He’s got to take two weeks off work, because he used the words “F***ing queer”?

  7. Two dull , insipid, bland karaoke “singers” who get fame from a reality show in the business of butchering music, oh and a homophobe and a homophobic enabler into the mix. No doubt they will be playing GAY again soon to all the swooning airheads with no musical taste.

  8. Lololol, what a terrible faux-pology. “I’m sorry that ‘f**king queer’ might possibly sometimes maybe be MISTAKEN for a homophobic slur.” Not to mention the blatant racism, calling this guy a Talibani (presumably he’s a Muslim? Who even knows??). Take some responsibility, dude. And what does Olly Murs have to do with it? Is he actually gay??

  9. Both are creations of the Simon Cowell empire, aren’t they? I wouldn’t be surprised that’s why Olly is defending James; neither would I be surprised if Simon Cowell gave Olly a nudge to defend James. Olly is straight or at least pretends to be, so what gives him the right to think James should be forgiven? He wasn’t calling Olly a “f*cking straight” so it’s not his call to make. It’s only Olly’s opinion, which we shouldn’t give much credence to.

  10. Kerry Hollowell 26 Nov 2013, 4:14pm

    Olly, step away from this, James Arthur may or may not be homophobic but he used disgusting homophobic language. You should not defend this under any circumstances. I listened to his so called rap, I also saw his text messages to Lucy. He is guilty, end of! he got a one million pound record deal, a number two album and single, tons of tv and radio air time and this is how he acts?

  11. In my humble opinion, it’s probably better to remain silent in circumstances such as these, Mr. Murs. Now, you too have alienated potentially millions of your fans. It’s Arthur’s deep-seated homophobia which is the concerning issue here. If he had written something even remotely as offensive on a racial matter, would he be receiving this kind of F List celebrity support? Homophobic abuse is as abhorrent as racism. To tolerate it is to be complicit in it. We must challenge and condemn it at EVERY opportunity

  12. B-O-R-E-D of this now!!! Move on! Bigger battles to fight! The point has been made. What is said was wrong. He shouldn’t have said it. He’s acknowledged it. He’s certainly badly educated in his field or at least badly advised. Whether he’s a homophobe or not remains to be seen but no amount of red ribbon wearing or reactionary insult hurling is going to change that. What do we want to do here, educate people, or crucify them?

    1. Or maybe let people know it’s not acceptable?

      1. …that’d be educating them.

        1. If we’re educating them about their behaviour being unacceptable, is this not the way? When you do outrageous things, people get angry and call you out about it. This is how you teach someone they are grossly out of line – especially when it should have been blatantly obvious that they were in the first place

  13. With gay allies like Olly, who needs homophobes?

  14. mikeysussex 27 Nov 2013, 8:31am

    I have no idea who these two people are.

    1. They are both hopefuls in the process of becoming manufactured pop stars after entering a heavily hyped television “talent” show.
      This incident represents an opportunity for further publicity.
      Good or bad, for some any publicity will do to keep their face and name out there for a few more minutes.

  15. What about the texts Lucy Spraggan published where James Arthur called her a “gay rights activist” and “extreme” for saying people kill themselves every day over words like queer? Was that something he didn’t mean too? If Olly Murs wants to retain any gay fans he should go find victims of homophobic bullying to defend. There are plenty of them .

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