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Gay actor Charlie Condou to leave Coronation Street in ‘explosive exit’

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Reader comments

  1. Hope his Corrie exit isn’t an excuse for more homophobia / biphobia

  2. His character “turning straight” and apparently staying straight was a big disappointment. I know it’s only a soap and it’s done for dramatic effect but there are plenty of people out there who use it as a good example of gay people becoming “ex-gay”. Personally, I thought it was irresponsible of Coronation St. producers/writers. They could have portrayed his character being bisexual, but no – they just made him “ex-gay”. It just so happened he was the more masculine gay character on the Street. In my experience, it’s usually the more masculine ‘straight’ guys in the world that become “ex-straight”, but do they ever portray that on a soap? Obviously, all the writers are very straight and very naïve about the real world.

    1. I am with you. And over the skag Maria. Just ridiculous. Maybe he will show up on the ‘Dales as a proper studly gay farmer or such.

  3. Let’s face it, the character of Marcus hasn’t really had much to do since he became involved with Maria; personally, I feel this was a wrong move as it sends a message that gay people can be turned straight “given the right woman”, which is totally wrong both for the man and the woman. He’s a lovely character and displays all the great qualities of a caring, thoughtful, intelligent and articulate person whether gay or straight. Let’s hope we get another “Marcus” displaying these positive qualities in the future.

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