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Russia: Gay club attacked with ‘harmful gas’ by unknown assailants

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Reader comments

  1. As has been said countless times before… the same things happened in Nazi Germany.

    I think we’re just going to have to keep repeating all of this every time there’s another mention of a state-sanctioned homophobic attack in Russia. It’s important to remember that Putin’s brown shirts are not yet working full-force, I guess it’ll be another few months before he really lets his Nazi goons loose – when the Olympics are safely out of the way.

    1. Yes, this has similarities to the type of hatred and behaviour displayed in Germany after Hitler gained power and we all know what followed. The Russian fascists are trying to gas gay people in Russia already with the intention no doubt to kill all those inside the gay club.

      As you’ve pointed out, once the Olympics are over the incidents may become worse and more frequent. It’ll probably be completely fine during the Olympics, then the fascists will feel that they have free reign to do as they please. Of course, the IOC and the international community don’t really care as the Olympics are to go ahead at whatever cost in the long term. Whilst countries like the UK and organisations such as the IOC may be anti-homophobic in their policies, they do not seem to care about homophobic abuses globally. If they did, the Sochi Games would not be happening.

  2. Isn’t all of Putin’s government anti-gay extremist?
    This is all part of Putin’s anti-gay pogrom gearing up I would have thought.

  3. According to the ‘authorities’ in Russia, Moscow gay clubs are happy, peaceful places and they never get attacked.

    I guess this goes one step further towards busting the ever-persistent myth that gay people only get attacked because they go out in public looking for trouble.

  4. What was Vitaly Milonov doing the night of the gas attack I wonder?

  5. So much for Putin’s reassurances that visiting gay Olympic athletes will be safe …..

  6. Sounds like the perfect place to hold the olympics. Why not hold it in North Korea next? Then Saudi Arabia.

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