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Nikki Sinclaire: Nigel Farage pushed me out of UKIP because he disagrees with ‘alternative lifestyles’

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  1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Nov 2013, 1:46pm

    Ms. Sinclaire, sexual orientation is NEVER a lifestyle which we pluck out of the air on a whim.

    1. Agreed :-) sexual orientation and indeed gender are not a choice. She was clearly born in the wrong body and was rightfully enabled to be herself.

      I’m a member of UKIP and I’ve always known about Nikki, to us in UKIP this is not big news as most of us knew when she was running to be an MEP. Without any disrespect to her at all but it is kind of obvious! How could we not know. The point is it made no difference to her being selected as an MEP or being accepted by the party and membership. People on this comments feed and indeed pinknews want to paint us out to be monsters but we’re not! Pinknews never report on what LGBT* in UKIP get up to as it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  2. Nikki Sinclair joined an extreme right wing party knowing full well how racist and homophobic it is.

    She is a sick, sick woman.

    And seeing how this racist doesn’t like ‘labels’ she will have no issue with me commentingbon her manly jaw.

    1. ‘manly jaw’ – really? You think that’s relevant? I think it’s a bit nasty saying that tbh.

      1. It’s not mean if it is true.

        This woman (and her manly jaw) is a poisonous bigot.

    2. you criticise her for being racist and homophobic, then demonstrate yourself to be sexist and transphobic by commenting on her looks. not the best way to argue your case.

    3. WOW Transphobic much?

  3. Some of the worst homophobia has been from the Liberal Democrats – what a joker she is!

    She’s obviously picking off the opposition parties one by one with attacking comments, however, with both openly elected trans individuals being Liberal Democrats (first a Mayor and now a Cllr), she’s obviously tying to ‘muddy the water’.

    If she wasn’t so UKIP then Tory, then it would be laughable.

  4. I’m confused why she would join UKIP, or why anyone would join UKIP, transgender, lesbian or straight. But I think some of the comments above are a bit harsh.

    1. Hi Mark. I’m a gay member of UKIP and there are a lot more of us then you might think, even I was surprised when I first joined in 2011. Your perception will depend on what you have heard in the press and whether you buy into the media narrative or not. If you want to hear from the horses mouth what it’s like as a gay member of UKIP or indeed why we are members contact some of us, contact LGBT* in UKIP.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Nov 2013, 3:39pm

    Where was she during the equal marriage debate? I don’t recall her ever saying anything negative about UKIP’s opposition to it, or did she?

    1. Of course she didn’t. She’s a homophobic racist after all.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Nov 2013, 4:53pm

        I tweeted her several days ago asking what her position is on equal marriage and she hasn’t responded. Therefore, I’m taking that as confirmation that she opposes it. After all, doesn’t silence give consent?

        1. Silence gives consent??? That is a very dangerous statement!!!!

      2. Can I ask. Before labels have been applied. Why exactly is she racist and homophobic?

      3. You really don’t care what those words mean do you? All you care about is them sticking….increasingly they are not! Some of us have experienced genuine homophobia and do not appreciate it when the word gets devalued by applying it to those who are not homophobic!

  6. I think it’s a fair point to say that as she joined a right wing party she shouldn’t be entirely surprised by their intolerance – however, nobody should face discrimination and it’s her right to point it out when it happens.

    1. Right-wing? Is zero tuition fees right wing? How about increased social mobility in schools? Or zero tax (incNI) on the national minimum wage? What about opposing privatisation of RoyalMail? Opposing and pledging to scrap the bedroom tax/spare room subsidy? Pledging to scrap VAT, the most regressive tax there is. How about opposing the snooper charter? The list goes on.

      If you are to take a genuinely impartial look at UKIP as a whole you will see that trying to categorise us as left or right doesn’t work properly. Indeed if you look at our membership and voter ship, 30% of us are exLabour, I’m one of them! About 40% are exTory and the rest are Lib Dem swing voters and people who have never voted before.

  7. I don’t agree with her politics, but if she can shine a light on the dark, inner views and goings-on (if that’s the right word) behind the façade of Nigel Farage and UKIP that so many people have been taken in by, then she will be doing us a service. We know and so does she now, that the party is very homophobic and despite what Farage says in his own defence his actions have proved differently. Apart from the homophobia there’s probably lots of dodgy financial transactions, etc. that everyone should be aware of and hopefully Nikki Sinclair will reveal all and get enough publicity to do much damage to the UKIP brand. Though, many right-wing xenophobes/homophobes supportive of UKIP are probably so fundamental in their beliefs that it wouldn’t matter even if UKIP had done a deal with the devil. Anyway, let her spill the dirt on UKIP and Farage and the more of it the better.

    1. J, yes, there could be value in such revelations re. UKIP, BUT the problem here is that Ms. Sinclaire appears to be a combination of fruitcake and loose cannon. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of her colleagues found her difficult to work with. She does not strike me as a serious politician or a person seeking to be a serious politician. What I do see is someone wishing to be a celebrity, in the limelight.

      1. Yes Eddy, it does appear that she is someone wishing to be a celebrity, but personally I don’t care about her motives, because if she has plenty of inside knowledge about UKIP and Farage that could possibly be damaging to them, then she can be as loose a cannon as she likes! If he gave her the boot for being transsexual then I hope she puts the boot in to him.

    2. What a load of bile. I’m one of many openly gay people in UKIP and my experiences couldn’t be further from your bigoted description! People like you and your narrow mindedness give the gay community a bad name! I’m happy to have a sensible debate with you on Twitter @TheNickonomist but hold your bile to yourself!

  8. There are actually a number of lgbt people and supporters in ukip. I an open gay member, am part of the organisation because of political views, not sexual orientation

  9. I am a gay member of UKIP, I am one of many and we are just as valued as anyone else. I was in Tynemouth the other week at the North East conference and even I was surprised how many lgbt people there were there! We had photos taken with the deputy leader Paul Nuttal and various MEP candidates. The regional organiser for the North East is also part of the LGBT family and was proud to see so many of us there!

    It’s a real shame that many of the people on here are gullable enough to believe everything they read and adopt those narratives, it’s very small minded! In fact calling us things like “racist”, “far-right”, “nazi”, “homophobes” and all the rest of it shows that you are the intolerant ones. You are the bigots for attempting to shut down legitimate debate by using such words as heavy blunt objects in order to hit us with. You don’t care what the facts are, you don’t care whether the labels fit or not, you just hope that the mud sticks in order to shut down debate! That’s bigotry!

  10. LGBT* in UKIP 3 Dec 2013, 4:17pm

    Since Pink News did not ask us to comment, I shall post a link to our official response:

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