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Ecuador: ‘Gay cure clinics’ use rape and torture as corrective measures

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Reader comments

  1. Human rights expert Rebecca Schleifer said: “It’s not uncommon for drug detention centres to include other people that are socially undesirable — homeless people, people with mental disabilities.”

    Some human rights expert ! Why didn’t PN’s Aaron Day challenge this pejorative description?

    BTW, it’s ‘brakes’, not ‘breaks’.

    1. She’s talking about Equador, where this is a fact. She’s not stating that as her opinion.

  2. Scott Lively would be proud.
    I’m sure he is making travel arrangements as I type, hoping to make things worse over there.

    1. More like hoping to cash in himself.

  3. and here again, unsurprisingly the heavy handed tactics of the Church. How anyone could dispute this organisation is the principal enemy of mankind, and as such should be eliminated, is beyond me.

    1. I wouldn’t blame the Church too much. Try living in Iran and see if it’s any better.

  4. Patriarchal heterosexism in full swing I see, The sooner we break down this within all cultures including the patriarchal gender role conditioning in our own culture the better.

    Then Homosexuals and Transgendered and Women will be free but until this is broken down Women or LGBT people will never be seen as socially equal and will continue to be treated inferior.

    Religion, patriarchal gender stereotypes and heteronormativity are soul causes of homophobia and sexism .

  5. This is why we need to fight the ‘gay-cure industry’ in whatever country we live in, because if it allowed to go unchecked this is what happens.

  6. people that work in these types of clinics…or even apply to work in one…need a home lobotomy!

  7. Douglas Spencer 26 Nov 2013, 8:27am

    My God, using their own perverted hatred of gays upon people, this is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard in a long time! It’s time that the United Nations set up a task force to charge these governmental officals with crimes agansit humanity and place them in jail for 20 years to life! No one should be treated this way ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

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