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18-year-old Nigerian man granted asylum in Malta following anti-gay persecution

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Reader comments

  1. Will Nigeria realise the shame this welcome decision brings upon their tyrannical nation or like the Nazi regime in 1930s Germany will they think one less gay/jewish citizen in their country is good news? Well done Malta.

  2. Well done Malta. But if this situation is to be prevented, homophobia must be eradicated. The UN MUST tackle this head-on. Governments which send financial aid to these places must be persuaded to stop until human rights are respected. We must boycott them at every possible opportunity. We must shame them into change. Their attitudes are backward and, considering how persecuted black people have been because of their skin colour, deeply hypocritical.

    1. Yer man, the baldy fella 25 Nov 2013, 4:20pm

      Given that Nigeria is one of the 41 members of the Commonwealth that criminalise homosexuality, the LGBT community should be looking closer to home for a solution. The British Government should be shamed first and foremost.

  3. I’m Nigerian, and I applaud them for this kind act, but I worry that this will set a dangerous precedent. People may start to pretend to be gay simply to gain access to foreign countries…

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