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X Factor winner James Arthur diagnosed with ‘acute exhaustion’ following row over homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. I find him exhausting and most definitely NOT cute.

    1. I think he’s quite acute and so does his doctor apparently.

  2. ‘acute exhaustion’ ?
    What will they think of next? Is this supposed to stir some sympathy for the guy?
    He put his foot in it, it’s had an impact on any future prospects he might have actually had in the record business (wasn’t much anyway) and now he’s stressed over some silly remarks he’s made. Thus ‘acute exhaustion’.
    The point is, it wasn’t just one slip-up. He keeps on making more of them. It continued after he initially apologized, then he quit Twitter, but it didn’t even end there. He continued to mess things up even after that.
    It’s like he can’t help but make idiotic, bigoted remarks, apologize, and then make some more, only to repeat himself.
    James Arthur….Another name no one will remember pretty soon.

  3. In news-speak, that means “drunkard” or “addict”, doesn’t it?

    1. Not always. This serves several purposes, it can give the impression that he “hasn’t been himself” while making very offensive statements and attacking people, it also gives them some time to try to let the controversy die away, and it’s an attempt to create guilt in those who fought back, and sympathy in those who might be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      The only problem is this little trick has been done to death already, countless times, by countless celebs, and most sensible people know exactly what they’re doing.

      I’m surprised Alec Baldwin hasn’t been “diagnosed” with the same made-up condition to try to justify his nonsense too. Maybe Hollywood media is more on to this game than the British press?

  4. I think by ‘acute exhaustion’ they mean ‘in post-op after emergency surgery to extract both feet from his gob’.

    1. Ha ha that’s a good comment! :-)

  5. The chip on his shoulder would fill a woodshed and he’s had a troubled life.
    I think at heart he is a well-meaning guy but his sensitivity is all for himself presently, if he could just spare a thought for others he’d make a great ally.
    I do think James Arthur has genuine talent of he would just stop being a gutless wonder.

    1. “if” rather.

    2. David Waite 22 Nov 2013, 8:46pm

      Apologies, clicked report by accident.

  6. Feel a bit sorry for the ugly lump, he’s obviously not in control of his life and is just reacting to events. Hopefully he’s learnt an important lesson – don’t piss off the gays!…

  7. I rather think in this case “acute exhaustion” means his PR team have kidnapped him, have him tied up in a flat somewhere while they yell at him never ever ever to go near social media ever again

  8. Staircase2 22 Nov 2013, 7:29pm

    ‘Acute exhaustion’ eh…?

    Sounds like his Management and PR are spinning a way to get him to shut the fcvk up before he completely kills his career

  9. James Orpin 22 Nov 2013, 7:30pm

    I’d love to know which ‘doctors’ have diagnosed ‘acute exhaustion’. 6 years as a doctor and I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous.

    1. “Witch doctors” perhaps!

  10. Acute exhaustion? Oh diddums. What a pathetic imbecile, but then what do you expect from someone who won a TV karaoke competition?

    He should try and imagine how all the ‘fukcing queers’ feel when idiots like him use us as a kickbag derogatory term to put others down.

    What’s interesting is, if he had said ‘fukcing nigger’ he would have lost his recording contract, but he says ‘fukcing queer’ and his PR try and mend the situation. Just shows how homophobic his PR company and his record company are.

  11. This is like a celebrity sex addict going on a special holiday to a posh clinic in the Bahamas when he’s caught with his d*ck somewhere it shouldn’t be.

    It seems his “HQ” have finally hired some PR people to try to clean up the mess he’s made, and they’ve fallen back on the same old tired trick, trying to explain away his “irrational behavior” with a “medical” excuse, then giving him some time off (no doubt so he can go to some public relations courses) and trying to make the public feel sorry for him.

    No sympathy here, the guy is a grade-a pr*ck, a mouthy, arrogant, ignorant homophobe with an overblown ego.

    I just hope he fades into obscurity while he’s away, and if he tries to make a “comeback” the idiot tweens will have forgotten about him and replaced him with the next one-hit wonder.

  12. “Diagnosed” with “acute exhaustion”? Remember when Iris Robinson disappeared for a while (before meeting the Queen alongside her husband) when “diagnosed” with a mental illness? We all know that was just a made-up excuse in an attempt to get as many people as possible to feel sorry for her. Exactly what’s happened here with James Arthur.

    1. Are you saying that James Arthur is shagging the local butcher and his son just like the homophobic adulteress Iris Robinson did then?
      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  13. so when one is acutely exhausted, it is then his immature and inane rants are permissible? Maybe ones guard is down when one is so acutely exhausted that their true feelings come out. Sadly, I predict this lad will end up on This Morning in 10 years after rehab etc and a book deal about how his own stupidity lost him his career.

  14. yeah, ignorance and stupidity can be very draining – talentless no-hoper!

  15. You mean acute homophobia !

  16. Wimp!

  17. GingerlyColors 23 Nov 2013, 7:18pm

    What a J. Arthur Ranker!

  18. how does this excuse his homophobia? He as made homophobic comments before this’ illness’ how will he cope with his stage show if he already as exhausten over twitter?

  19. Adele Magee 25 Nov 2013, 12:44pm

    What annoys me about this kind of diagnosis isn’t the fact that it is pathetic from a healthy young man, but the way anyone not in showbusiness would be labelled a ‘workshy scrounger’ if they got a sick note from their doctor for the same ‘acute’ illness. We’re all exhausted but the rest of us have to go on.

  20. James Campbell 29 Nov 2013, 9:19pm

    Acute exhaustion …. Really? comorbid (associated medical symptoms) for Acute exhaustion can include:

    Acute fatigue
    Acute languor
    Acute lassitude
    Acute malaise
    Acute tiredness
    Acute weariness
    Acute lethargy
    Acute listlessness

    Last time I diagnosed the condition it did not include acute guilt linked to a loss of a spot on the X factor. There is nothing ‘acute’ about penning lyrics, recording and discussing the result even if the death of a relative is added to the mix.

    In other words his excuse is “please feel sorry for me for being a bigot but it wasn’t really me, a big boy did it and ran away …. “ With all the great talent already competing for air time in the UK do we really need this type of dross on public media?

    (yes I know, thousands would disagree with me on this last point)

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