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Video: G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph films 1 minute HIV test for World Aids Day

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Reader comments

  1. As a gay man, I have absolutely no intention of taking a HIV test. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, I’m not promiscuous. Secondly, I don’t have sex with total strangers I’ve met at G-A-Y. Thirdly, HIV tests can often produce false-positives, something that can be very dangerous.

    Personally, I thnk G-A-Y nightclub promotes stereotypes that do not help the GLBT community. I avoid G-A-Y and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to others.

    1. Congratulations on managing to be ignorant and arrogant at the same time.

    2. I have to say Brian your attitude is both worrying and saddening. you are exactly the target individual that National HIV Testing Week is aimed at, because it sounds as if you believe that you are ‘teflon coated’ & HIV only happens to other people or individuals who are promiscuous – neither is the correct point of view.

      HIV does not discriminate & whilst perhaps taking a test in GAY Bar is not something you would do, why not pop along to 56 Dean Street (or any other clinic) and get checked out. You have nothing to loose & everything to gain – if your test is negative this is great news & it does give you an opportunity to engage with a Health Advisor or Nurse regarding safer sex & levels of risk.

      If the test is positive then you will be instantly linked to care – this has to be a no brainer, as it could save your life & prevent you passing on undiagnosed HIV to other people! Accidents happen, in some circumstances oral sex is not as low risk as you would expect, get checked out!

    3. HIV doesn’t need promiscuity (though it can help raise the odds of catching it). Some of your best friends might have HIV – you just don’t know it because they see your nasty, arrogant attitude to HIV and choose to ignore it. Any positive test result through a fast test is double checked with a more conventional (and therefore slower) test, and you are plugged into the HIV care system, so that what your want and what your treatment options are as close as possible to what can be managed.
      Your posts reeks of “HIV happens to other people” – which is how HIV likes it, because that makes its spread to others so much easier.

      1. I have gone to do this test every year in GAY bar, it is great for the charity, and for me to know my status.
        I used to work in HIV 10 years ago (2004). I recall 2 separate occasions when 2 young gay guy being diagnosed too late, 1 died in an ambulance being transferred to Royal free hospital, with gut related complications, the other died a slow and painful death with gut related infection. His last few weeks he looked like someone out of a concentration camp. No exaggeration, he had diarhoea for 6 months, and died at the tender age of 26.
        Moral of the story, test regularly and know your status :-)

  2. Lion in Winter 23 Nov 2013, 1:25pm

    Has he filmed the quiet panic that sets in when you are told either that you are indeed positive or “should see your personal physician asap”?

  3. This idea that all gay men are at risk of getting HIV is highly homophobic nonsense. As a gay man, I have zero risk of catching HIV. I don’t have promiscuous sex. The partners I choose are all healthy.

    What concerns me the most is that here are gay men in the media who promote homophobic attitudes because they need to keep gay men in “permanent victim” mode. I’m sick of this. I am NOT a victim. I choose my partners carefully. I do NOT carouse at nightclubs until 7 in the morning in the hope of picking up someone “hot”.

    I have one thing to say to Jeremy Joseph of G-A-Y. I think your club promotes stereotypes. I don’t think that your club helps gay men at all. Is it true that the only thing you are interested in is money?

    1. How do you know the partners you choose are all healthy? Do you take their word for it? Do you march them all to the GU Clinic prior to having sex with them, or are you just plain stupid?

      Do tell us how you are so certain all your sexual partners are healthy as I am sure you could make a fortune with your ever so ‘accurate’ HIV & STI monitoring powers! What a complete tool!

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