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Tory Vice Chair: It’s crazy that gay couples’ marriages will be downgraded on entering Northern Ireland

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Reader comments

  1. The UK Parliament should use its overriding sovereignity and impose it.

    1. barrybear1980 23 Nov 2013, 4:11pm

      I was just about to type the same thing!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Nov 2013, 4:07pm

    Good for Fabricant and a Tory too! Ongoing pressure needs to be put on the NI Assembly without letup. Parliament should be allowed to have the final word in my view, devolved government or not. They’re not independent and should be subject to Westminster in the final analysis.

    1. bearing in mind that their MPs had a vote in my potential English Marriage, shouldn’t they accept the reverse, that my MP should have a say in theirs?

  3. it’s illegal for women to have an abortion in northern ireland and i imagine equal marriage and the lifetime ban on gay men giving blood wont be changed any time soon

  4. Good to see that Mr Fabricant has tabled a new question of whether Ms Villiers will “now raise the matter of equal marriage with the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister and encourage and urge them to introduce same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland.”

    The headline gives the impression that Mr Fabricant is only concerned about same-sex marriages of GB residents not being recognised in Northern Ireland and is attempting to overturn that decision, whereas he is actually arguing that same-sex marriages should be introduced in NI for the benefit of not only GB same-sex married couples visiting, but also for same-sex couples living in Northern Ireland.

    I wish more GB MPs would raise this issue more with the Gov’t, because it’s a discrimination placed on their constituents and by pressurising the Gov’t it may persuade it to pressurise the regime governing NI. As things are now, the Gov’t has washed its hands of any responsibility to LGBT people in NI. We’re still UK citizens!

  5. For those of you who don’t understand the political system in Northern Ireland, equal marriage legislation is essentially being held up by one political party, the DUP. They are religious fundamentalists and many senior party figures are young Earth creationists.

    Due to voter apathy in NI, a split in votes between a larger number of main parties and with how power-sharing works, this party who only managed to get somewhere in the region of 16% of the overall vote in the last Assembly election are the largest party in the Assembly and their leader is First Minister. They continually abuse a mechanism known as a Petition of Concern to stop equality legislation being passed. They are also responsible for all you’ve read about recently with regard to LGBT adoption and the lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men in NI.

    It’s worth noting, since this article doesn’t mention it, that the Deputy First Minister’s party Sinn Fein have long campaigned for LGBT rights and equal marriage.

  6. He’s my MP! He’s a really great bloke and it’s wonderful to see him speaking up about this.

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