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Mayor of Lambeth to take place in walk to reclaim Vauxhall after hate crime threat

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not buying that the police don’t know who these kids are. When you hear the bullsh*t about them “looking into” reports, really they’re just chucking them straight in the bin after adding another dash to the file on “hate crimes”.

    Every cop in this county worth their badge number is fully aware of the little punks on their patch. They know their faces, their names, their histories and their families. They go straight to them when something happens that’s worth prosecuting – translation is, this is not worth their time and effort. It’s institutional homophobia once again.

  2. Can we have the descriptions of these poorly educated ignorant hoodlums or is our safety and well-being of far less importance than some pc reason for seeking to conceal their identity?

    1. Yes, they’re white according to the victim on another thread on this journal. So maybe not a pc reason at all to concealing their identity

    2. Mark Healey 23 Nov 2013, 2:34pm

      Hi Jason – at the moment the only description we have is that there were 4 of them. 3 white men and 1 white woman. We are waiting for CCTV and as soon as descriptions become available will circulate them. Mark Healey Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator

  3. I live in Lambeth and I can testify that the police here are as scared of these scum as decent neighbours – All the crap you read about this part of South London is true! –

  4. Take place or take part? Does nobody proofread?

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