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US: Pennsylvania pastor turns down invitation to repent support for equal marriage or be defrocked

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Reader comments

  1. All those being attacked and forced out of their bigoted cults should perhaps form a new church in the state, following their own religious beliefs and including everyone they wish.

    These people actually get it (somewhat). They’re still delusional in my opinion, but they are less delusional than those who deliberately attack and harm others in society.

    There is nothing to stop these people from forming their own church, to be able to legally carry out same-sex services and welcoming people of all kinds. That’s what’s needed (if we can’t just reject all religion altogether and be done with it.)

  2. While his religion fights this war against love, he is fighting for it. Bravo!!

  3. If your church says its ok to hate; find another church

  4. Oh – those loving christians live up to their reputation yet again …..

  5. Jacob Dugan-Brause 22 Nov 2013, 7:29am

    My own father officiated at my commitment ceremony (as it was called the since, as two men, it wasn’t a ‘marriage’ in 1979) in his parish church. All of us knew that he could face discipline for his decision and action that day.

    That discipline would have been his removal from a career (a profession, in a classic definition) in the Lutheran clergy. He risked so much and he is loved so much for his courage to support us. Today, another man, a minister, is standing up for the gospel he took vows to support.

    Like my father, there are pastors who understand the calling to love one another, even when the very god they are told they serve would reject some to embrace others.

    It is never as easy as ‘picking up and starting another church’ even as it hasn’t been easy for us to leave America to start life anew in the UK.

    His action is his ministry. His love is refusal to set aside his actions. While I no longer hold to my childhood beliefs, I must say, God bless.

  6. So you do something you’re not supposed to, then “repent”, and all is forgiven? Sounds perilously like the Catholic confessional, and is surely a corruption of what the underlying ideology is supposed to be about.

    Good for Schaefer for not backing down. I’m sorry for him if it means losing his job, but admire his principles all the more. His children must be very proud of him.

    1. The underlying ideology is one of servitude, guilt and control. By demanding a “confession” and “repentance” they are subjugating him to the will of cult leaders, giving them the boost of ego and maniacal power they crave.

      Organized religion is like a power ponzy scheme. It starts at the top with a few who demand others serve them (God) and trickles down to the common man who gets to feel superior to others by trying to dictate their lives, like the fundamentalist Christian in a restaurant abusing staff for being “sinners” etc.

      No doubt there are a minority within who genuinely feel immense compassion for others and use their faith for good, but these people are a very small minority. The rest are there because they’re weak and need to attack and control others to inflate their sense of self-worth.

      1. Yup. Tribalism under a different name.

  7. Sounds like burning at the stake might be on the cards. Christians ought to feel deep shame for their behaviour and their history.

    1. Frank Boulton 24 Nov 2013, 11:39am

      We can take pride in the fact that the “love” and “kindness”, of which Christians are for ever boasting, are more our virtues than theirs. Our hands are not stained with the blood that theirs are stained with. That is why more and more people accept homosexual equality, and more and more people and more and more nations are showing support for same-sex marriage.

  8. I remember celebrating my 21st birthday in San Francisco, in 1968, and treated myself to a musical which was sweeping the nation at the time, and that musical was Hair. One number, in particular, left a deep and lasting impression and that number was Aquarius.

    We are moving into that Aquarian Age, and those changes are manifesting themselves. At 70, I’m grateful to be alive to see it actually happening at last, and hope I remain alive long enough to see all those changes that will finally establish us as full share members of society. My most fervent wish is that future LGBT live in a world where being who we are will finally become as much a non issue as heterosexuality.

    I raise my glass to you, the future generation. This truly is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

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