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National AIDS Trust: GPs are failing to test gay men for HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick Mc Crossan 21 Nov 2013, 2:50pm

    With so many uk citizens on bareback contact sites is it any wonder the numbers are rising.

    Too many inappropriate club nights where anything goes is helping to spread infection rates too.

    We have strived for equality for so long and rightly so.

    But we need to be realistic and acknowledge our own failings within our community.

    It is time to be more responsible with each other.

    1. I respect people so the thought of risking someone’s life for sex is incredulous to me. Too many selfish and nasty people out there

    2. What you so condescendingly call our “own failings within our community,” by which you must be referring to individuals’ choices to act recklessly, has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on whether gay people deserve equal treatment under the law. What’s more, suggesting that gay people have some kind of collective responsibility for the behaviour of individuals just shows how influenced you have been by homophobes who thought it was OK to make generalisations about gay people being promiscuos, etc – it’s not OK, just like it’s not OK to say black people are less honest or whatever. But you go on and keep trying to appease these people if you really want to. For the sake of our collective image as a ‘community’ – you know, so we can prove to straight people that we’re worthy

      1. You know what you are a asshole. Ad not in a good way

        1. You’re a bigot James who blames people for their HIV status. People like you would set us back 50 years. When MSM have sex HIV is spread. In the vast majority of cases it is either because the positive partner is unaware of their status, or because transmission occurred in spite of precautions being taken. Anyone can get HIV, even if they use condoms, and blaming them the people who, as you say, ‘stick dicks in each other’ is as stupid and ignorant as blaming people who get breast cancer for being women.

  2. Yes lets blame the doctors not the men sticking their dicks into each other

    1. We shouldn’t blame anyone for HIV. Yes some people take unnecessary risks and are reckless sexually but they are not risking other people’s lives – you’re quite wrong there – if people choose to have bb sex, they risk their own lives. Difference. And it’s precisely this blame mentaility that you are seeking to perpetuate which causes HIV to still be so ridiculously taboo in this country. The taboo and the blame are fatally impeding all efforts to tackle HIV infection rates.

    2. Also, James, don’t you think if a straight person made your ridiculous comment about blame, they’d rightly be branded as homophobic? Or at the very least, extremely ignorant.

      1. Mike when I was growing up men would refuse to penetrate just in case the condom broke. The was a sense of responsibility and anyone who wouldn’t use a condom would be ostracised. Get that we are responsible for our actions not doctors or health workers. Now ejaculating in someone is seen as glamorous, manly fashionable where as wearing a condom is seen as boring and dull. It just sow the agenda is now set by evil bstards and I quite frankly couldn’t give a fcuk what anyone thinks about me.

        1. There you go again… I’m glad you don’t care what people think, for your own sake, because you’re a homophobic bigot who wants to perpetuate the blame narrative around HIV. Your attitude is part of the cause of this problem. Yes, condom use prevents HIV infection, and yes some people recklessly choose not to practice it, but most who have HIV, I believe, did not choose it or look for it, nor did they somehow ‘deserve’ it. There are plenty of people who were just unlucky (you mention condoms tearing, there are other ways too). If you have sex with men, there’s simply a higher chance you’ll get HIV, even if you always use a condom, than there is for other people. But it seems you would have all gay people stigmatized by your skewed perception and ignorance of things. PS I’m sorry nobody wanted to penetrate you when you where younger.

          1. Where did I blame anyone except the people who make unsafe porn or people knowing positive who have unsafe sex? If someone is positive and cums inside someone they yes they are responsible. If you don’t know your status and cum inside someone the you are responsible. If a condom break then it’s bad luck. I have never said people who are HIV + deserve it you fool.

  3. GPs tend to wash their hands of STIs, in my experience – HIV, of course, being the most taboo of all of them. I’ve also never quite understood why HIV patients are treated as outpatients of GUM clinics, just because that was where they are diagnosed. They have to wait in line with everyone who has an itchy crotch or a drippy willy, in order to receive their long-term care. It’s a lifetime of having to return every few months to the GUM clinic waiting room – no ones favourite place – but it also enhances the taboo nature of HIV by putting you alongside all those ashamed and embarrassed people who had to go to that place that nobody talks about.

    1. Yes, because it would make HIV so not taboo if patients suffering from it would have special, dedicated lines just for them. HIV-positive patients are as important as those with itchy crotch and there is really no reason to grant them any special privileges, especially when talking about patients who were already diagnosed with HIV. I know that the majority of LGBT community seem to promote “it’s no one’s fault” approach, but we all know about ways to minimise the risks of MM sex – namely, condoms. If people choose not to use them, they willingly take this gamble and when they lose, they have to take the responsibility. Yes, I know that accidents happen – but does any one actually believe that they constitute the majority of situations in which people get inffected? Just like with obese people, there are some whose obesity is a result of a different condition. But they are exceptions. The ugly truth is that most of them are simply too lazy to change their lifestyles.

    2. It’s really not about guilt or blame, but responisbility for one’s health. If a 20 years old male is an obese heavy drinker and smoker and doesn’t do any sports, then there is a fair chance that by the young age of 45 he will have a heart attack. As a society we have learned to accept that leading such an unhealthy lifestyle makes one responsible for potential coronary diseases they may develop. Why then it is so difficult for us to accept that we also have to take the responsiblity for our sexual health?

      1. By your analogy with obese people who drink heavily and do no exercise, it’s clear you blame people for their HIV status.

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