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HIV infections among gay men in England at highest ever level

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Reader comments

  1. This is appalling. 1/5 gay or bi men are sat, undiagnosed with HIV, yet only last week I requested a full STI screening at my GP and was refused because it’s ‘Not standard in my NHS Trust?

    There needs to be some serious top-down changes to how the health services treat MSM.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2013, 12:32pm

    I wonder how this compares to other countries’ statistics. It’s really chilling that infection levels are higher than ever when they should be lower.

    1. We should expect to see an increase in diagnosed HIV for the next few years as more people test and the undiagnosed fraction of those living with HIV starts to significantly reduce.

      I personally believe we have turned a corner in the last 2 years, undiagnosed HIV amongst MSM has dropped from 25% to 18% for 2012. However more individuals must come forward for testing, we need to see the number of HIV tests taken in the UK grow f to a level of 250k if we are to see a significant reduction in HIV incidence in the the population.

      We are still seeing too many MSM testing late when their CD4 cell count is below 350 – why is this happening we should be asking ourselves? What is stopping MSM taking a regular HIV test? I just don’t get the reluctance to test when we know as a population group we are at more risk of acquiring HIV & there are plenty of ways to get tested these days.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2013, 6:39pm

        Interesting facts indeed and thanks for clarifying, makes a lot of sense.

  3. Derek Williams 21 Nov 2013, 12:41pm

    The most preventable disease ever.

    1. Lion in Winter 21 Nov 2013, 2:00pm

      Yes. Just don’t ejaculate. Ever. Cards, anyone?

      1. don’t ejaculate inside some one unless who want them to die painfully

        1. James, your ignorance in the face of the last 15 years of medical research and discovery is appalling. Stigma perpetuation, thy name is James!

          1. Ok I may be a bit dramatic but imagine if it was say testicular or prostate cancer that was transmitted. How would that be acceptable. It the softening of HIV/Aids which is the problem. Why should people in their 20’s in 2013 expect to be on medication for the rest of their lives. It’s just wrong I don’t care who get stigmatised

  4. Brett Gibson 21 Nov 2013, 1:02pm

    I have a feeling bareback pornography has a lot to do with this. Personally, I don’t think we’ll ever see a dip in the HIV rate. However I have every confidence that they’ll have a cure one day and I think that’s the only hope for the gay community.

    1. sorry downarrowed you in error. Of course it’s bare back. These porn producers are like arms dealers or cigarette manufacturers. Real evil like the people here who defend it. Truly sad state of affairs but who care we can get married!

    2. Michael A. Snaith 21 Nov 2013, 2:57pm

      I am HIV positive and have been for many years now. Watching bareback porn has never made me think of having unsafe sex. I do believe that many charities have to take some responsibility for the increase as they are funded not just to support, but to empower and educate people in the wider communities including LGBT groups as well as HIV charities.

      1. So do you know the minds of everyone under 25. You look old so you grew up with a fear of HIV this generation don’t have that fear so don’t assume they are not influenced by porn cause you were not. and being HIV+ does not give you special insight into the disease or the transmission

        1. James and Michael, you’re both right. The widespread availability of bareback porn, the easy availability of really sordid sex-on-site venues in the major cities, AND the failure of the “charities” are all contributors.

  5. Michael A. Snaith 21 Nov 2013, 2:51pm

    This is very interesting information, then why are gay/bisexual services in HIV Charities in the North West on the reduction. And what are those charities doing about it?

  6. In the last 2yrs there has been the biggest push to get tested in the gay community with the ‘know your status’ campaign and many more, this is why the numbers have increased, be interesting to see the increase in number of tests from both new and previously tested. Maybe more about prevention than are you or aren’t you..

  7. When Professor Gill responds to this sorry news by saying, “We must increase the speed at which we’re reducing the number of undiagnosed HIV infections by encouraging earlier and more frequent HIV testing, especially by those most at-risk”, and I see that nowhere in this article is he quoted as having pointed to a response that involves at tackling THE CAUSE of these infections, I despair.

    Yes, it’s important to ascertain if people are HIV+, but what is far, far, far more important is taking action to get at the cause of the continual rise in infections.

    What has long been totally clear is that the task cannot be left to the HIV/AIDS gravy-trains, the Terrence Higgins Trust and suchlike. They’ve been given MILLIONS to tackle the problem and they have FAILED. Today’s report proves it yet again.

    1. Oh Eddy do change the record you are as bad as that other THT troll Samuel B. There is no National Strategy for HIV prevention provided by central Government; they like you are paying lip-service to this problem.

      Do you really think that £2.5K (or there about) is sufficient funding for HIV prevention across England, never mind the whole of the UK? You need to get real and understand that HIV and healthcare amongst marginalised communities is not a priority of this Government, or other previous Governments!

      If you are unhappy with HIV prevention initiatives you should lobby your Local Council who are now responsible for HIV prevention & sexual health. Why not actually do something about the problem you highlight and try to understand that whilst condoms are a very important prevention intervention, sadly we will never get everyone to use them despite trying to scaremonger and beat people with your constant attacks on the lifestyle some individuals choose to live.

  8. WTF? Who in the UK today does not know that unprotected sex can lead to being infected with HIV? How can you be having anal sex without a condom? Are people so stoned out of their minds or so drunk they do not know what they are doing? So many people died and still people are getting infected. Anyone you have unprotected sex with can give you HIV so always use a condom when you have anal sex!

    1. The fact that you have any down-votes on your sensible comment shows the alarmingly nonchalant attitude towards unprotected sex and HIV infection. Unfortunately, I think this has to do with this generation not having experienced the terror of the 1970s and 1980s, where people were dying from a mysterious disease. People don’t seem to have the fear about catching it that older generations have.

  9. These figures are homophobic. Firstly,you do NOT get HIV because you are gay. HIV cannot – and does not – automatically affect gay men because they are gay. It affects gay men – and anyone – who engages in promiscuous sex with total strangers.

    As a gay man, I have never caught HIV. Wanna know why? I’m not promiscuous and I don’t spend my Saturday nights chasing strangers for sex.

    1. Holy moly. You’re a disaster zone. I hope your single and have no human contact……or pets

    2. It’s nothing to do with being promiscuous. It’s to do with not using a condom for anal sex with whoever. I know a number of gay men who have contracted HIV from their partner while in a relationship.

      Being monogamous and having unprotected sex with one partner who happens to be HIV+ and hasn’t been tested or has lied to you is much more dangerous that anal sex with 100 random men and using a condom every time.

  10. The AIDS industry in England loves to associate gay men with AIDS because it brings in the money. As an industry, it needs taxpayers’ money to continue functioning. It likes to scare gay men into thinking that AIDS is specific to gay men and that all gay men are at risk. What balderdash!!

    Oh, and how does this Public Health organization know how many gay men exist in England? Most gay men don’t owe up to their sexuality in the first place. How on earth can it come up with a percentage if it doesn’t know the exact number of gay men?

    Rubbery figures designed to scare non-promiscuous gay men into taking drugs and using condoms when they don’t need to – that’s what the AIDS industry is all about in England.

    1. Yes HOW DO these so-called experts arrive at these stats? How on earth can they possibly know how many gay men are infected with HIV, least of all calculate the percentage difference from year to year? Answer? They can’t. These figures are intended to scare us all into testing because that is where the profit now lies within the Aids industry. Testing, Aids drugs, services, nary a word anymore about prevention. Now they are talking about mass vaccination of the HPV drug for all gay men despite its known dangers and lack of effectiveness – even one of the lead HRV developers and researchers has spoken out about its dangers:
      It is all one mass scam and we are being treated like cannon fodder for fast bucks by the corporations and their compliant gay men’s health NGOs.

      1. Agree with everything you say and thanks for linos. Required reading for all gay men.

    2. You should stop with this because you are lulling gay men into a false sense of security. In places like Brighton and Manchester maybe one in nine men on the gay scene are HIV+. So you have an extremely high chance of meeting a man who is HIV+.

      That is not the case amongst the general UK heterosexual population, where it is clustered amongst groups such as Black Africans.

      Not to mention that maybe only 3% of the population is a gay man yet we account for, what, half of all cases?

      So, get real please!

  11. How on earth to they know the number of men undiagosed has fallen from blah blah per cent to blah blah per cent? How do they know? Answer: they can’t. It is figures plucked from thin air to scare us all into testing. Why didn’t these same charlatans do their jobs right and scare the bejesus out of us from having unsafe sex instead of putting out titilating HIV prevention ads that served the opposite objective? They need more of us to test so more of us can be treated to boost the profits of their Aids industry drug-makung comrades. It’s a scam, just like the new push to get us all on to HPV. They want us all drugged up to the gills to boost their dividends. Why can’t more of us see that?

  12. This is infuriating, most of this was preventable, have safe sex!

  13. Lion in Winter 25 Nov 2013, 4:13am

    Stop having sex with strangers. Get to know someone first. I think the NEG population just wants all the POZ to go away so they can get back to bath house behavior.

    1. It’s nothing to do with sex with strangers. It’s to do with not using a condom for anal sex whoever you do that with. You could meet one man who doesn’t know he’s positive, have sex with him a dozen times unprotected and that’s much more dangerous that one hundred one-night-stands always rubbered up.

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