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Green leader slams Northern Ireland Health Minister’s views against gay parents

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Reader comments

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Steven Agnew’s final comment about how Poots should stand down from his ministerial role if his personal views prevent him from acting on behalf of all the people. This Poots character is a really nasty piece of work. Hopefully people like Steven Agnew are the future for Northern Ireland.

    This goes for all politicians everywhere, particularly those in senior positions. Yesterday, in the same sex marriage vote, 3 Scottish government ministers and also a Deputy Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament voted against it purely because of their personal religious views (3 catholic, 1 church of Scotland). 2 of those ministers have also not carried out their duties in the past due to their homophobia. They represent the people, not the bloody churches.

  2. Poots said: “The natural order, whether one believes in God or whether one believes in evolution, the natural order is for a man and a woman to have a child and therefore that has made my views on adoption very, very clear and on raising children very, very clear.”

    It’s rather scary of him to say that his views on adoption and raising children are “very, very clear” as it reveals his belief that his views are 100% correct, 100% of the time and that his views and his views alone should determine public policy. Not only is that narcissistic, it’s real fascism. Why does he employ advisors? What are his senior civil servants for? Should policy on adoption and raising children not be discussed around the executive table or in the Assembly?

    I already knew that the political system in place here in Northern Ireland is undemocratic and that the DUP’s fundamentalism could be approaching fascism, but it appears Poots has already arrived there.

  3. OOhh a rational politician??!! Thanks goddesses‼! Oh by the way, please take down the bigot ones.

  4. Ethel Clutterbuck 22 Nov 2013, 11:19am

    As Rudyard Kipling might have said …

    Poots – Poots – Poots –Poots – fartin’ round and round again
    Oh – my – God – He’s a bleedin’ lunatic
    Poots – Poots – Poots – Poots – hide! he’s comin’ back again
    An’ there’s not a brain in ‘is ‘ed.

  5. Another good reason to vote Green wherever you are!

  6. Poots is a fool and his fundamentalist Christian notions about evolution are hilarious. Men and women producing babies tells you nothing about successfully bringing them up. The evolutionary success of Homo Sapiens is about our adaptability and flexibility. We produce relatively few children, they are dependent for many years, and until recently many of them, and their mothers, died very young. If we had been as inflexible in our childcare habits as many other species (who win the evolutionary game through sheer over-production), we might be very scarce or extinct today. We became successful because we regularly and successfully care for the young of other individuals unable or unwilling to rear them, and produce them in a variety of social arrangements. Emotional and economic security usually brings up happy and well-adjusted children, whoever provides it. The point has always been pretty obvious, but the obvious is strangely invisible to the Poots of this world.

  7. James Campbell 31 Jan 2014, 6:45pm

    It is a fact that it takes two people, male & female to procreate new life (if they are fertile). This does not mean that it takes one male plus one female exclusively to raise a child. In my experience of working with parents, some of whom are same sex, is that whilst the heterosexual parents vary in their commitment and skill in parenting, almost without exception, gay & lesbian parents are doing a great job. What is required is that a child should also have role models from both sexes and this can be achieved through involving grand parents and other family members (which the same sex couples I know already do). These are the facts – the rest is uninformed, bigoted propaganda.

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