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Comment: The government is wrong not to ban gay ‘cure’ therapy

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Reader comments

  1. The psychotherapy “profession” is accommodating of charlatans peddling a quasi science at best. I would have no trust in them for anything as their reputation is demeaned by this debacle, that 300 out of 1300 researched had wasted futile conversion therapy and on the squeezed NHS budget. The minister of health needs sacking.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2013, 6:30pm

      It’s not even quasi science since the majority of them pushing quack therapy are subscribers to religious beliefs, praying away the gay and turning to ‘Jesus’ instead. Fear of coming out, fear of losing family and friends and religious indoctrination all play a part in shaming vulnerable, frightened, insecure gay people into accepting dangerous therapy. One more suicide as a result is one too many.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2013, 6:35pm

      What is interesting too is that none of these therapists have published any evidence of success rates which haven’t been found in any of the reputable medical or scientific literature. That alone should raise a red flag.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2013, 3:48pm

    Well said, Sandra. It’s absolutely shameful and appalling that Lamb is not agreeing to ban it altogether. I suspect religion has some hand in all this. There are plenty of right wing religious nutters sitting on the back benches who wouldn’t lift a finger to stamp out this dangerous therapy. Christian Concern must be gloating.

    1. The can gloat, but only time will sort them out. Religious nutters will be only sad peddlers on the street in the future.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2013, 4:59pm

        Hopefully, the ones who started it all ‘CORE Issues’ will be among them, taking Christian Concern with them.

  3. I said this in the last piece about this stupid man and his stupid opinions, but it needs saying again…

    How can it be justified that in order to sit in an empty office building as a security guard you need to have a license, paid for by the officer and operated by a government body to ensure standards are maintained, but in order to use voodoo and mumbo jumbo as an unqualified “psychotherapist” you can make up anything you like and not have to adhere to any legal guidelines?

    This is utter lunacy and should face a legal challenge. I hope there is a charity willing to take this on and use the SIA example as a comparison. If someone presented a legal challenge to this in an effort to force regulation any court would have to comply because there is a precedent in a much more insignificant field.

    If security guards, taxi drivers and music venues need to be licensed, “Psychotherapist” absolutely should, and the courts would not be able to argue against this fact.

    1. Unfortunately many of these “psychotherapists” are qualified and have been vetted as fit for work in NHS practice and have had persons referred to them by negligent GPs.

  4. As they’ve seen fit to allow such an odious practice to continue, I’ve set myself up an an unregulated psychotherapist. I’m going to offer to cure people of irrational religious belief … and of voting Tory. I’ve already got millions of former Dail Fail readers queueing up. I wonder how long it’ll be before the government have a re-think on the merits of allowing any Tom , Dick or Harry to offer ‘cures’ to people ….?

  5. Jan Bridget 21 Nov 2013, 5:22pm

    Well said, Sandra, and thanks to you and the other MPs who are raising this issue. We desperately need a mental health service that understands and can meet the needs of LGBT people of all ages but especially young people. We have higher rates of mental health problems and substance misuse problems (due to homophobia); all too often these services are not only unable to meet our needs (because they don’t understand them) but frankly on many occasions have actually made the situation significantly worse. For examples see

  6. Is it a case of the Government feeling that it has done it’s bit for us and don’t need to bother anymore? That’s the impression Norman Lamb is giving. There will be gay people out there having great difficulty accepting themselves as they are and some will visit these so-called “therapists” or there will be vulnerable teenagers taken to them by homophobic parents. We know that gay people have taken their own lives after visiting these abusers and the Government is allowing that to happen again, using a very poor excuse about money (claiming that they can’t afford to do anything is a blatant lie). I’m very glad Labour’s Sandra Osborne has spoken out about this and I hope she continues doing so. There are quite a few gay people on the Government side, perhaps they could speak up too? It’s amazing just how much of a monster the Lib Dems have become since being in Government. They’ve been given a chance to deal with this awful practice, yet have turned and walked away.

    1. The problem the Liberals face is they still only make up 1/6 of the government, and know Labour won’t deliver the votes when it matters… so to force change on this they would need to cut a deal with the Tories who outnumber them five to one, and we’d all have five ghastly things imposed upon us as a quid pro quo…

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2013, 6:25pm

    Seems to me that there are forces within government putting the reins on this and I wouldn’t mind betting it’s religious right wing nutters sitting on the back benches of the Tory party, kow-towing to CORE Issues and Christian Concern. Don’t want to upset people’s beliefs now do they otherwise they’ll be accused of abusing religious freedom.

    1. Don’t think so; just the idea that no matter how stupid a therapy may be-and this therapy IS stupid-two consenting adults i.e. therapist and client can indulge in whatever therapy they wish. In any case, they’ve brought in equal marriage which surely proves that they are on the side of gay people.

  8. Sandra Osborne has totally hit the nail on the head, hers is a brilliant asessment of the situation and I hope some action is now taken on her very sensible and easily implemented suggestions.

    1. “Assessment” rather.

  9. Keith Farrell 22 Nov 2013, 9:30am

    The UK fails again! there is no way to change a person from gay to straight, all it does is cause trauma, this practice should be banned

  10. There’s nothing at all wrong with being gay, but surely the person who wants to ‘turn straight’ is doing it because they want to turn straight of their own accord and nobody is forcing them into it? Don’t get me wrong; no doubt in my mind that the ‘therapy’ is rubbish, however, it’s not the conservative way to stop two consenting adults i.e. a therapist and client doing what they wish no matter how STUPID the therapy may be.

    1. I think fraud comes into it as the “therapy” is entirely bogus, certainly it is not something that should be paid for out of NHS funding.
      If someone really doesn’t want to be gay, it would be preferable to try to discover why they are so averse to their own same sex attractions and then address the issues that arise from there and adjust what may be wrongly held perceptions of what it means to be gay and to live as a gay person, help the person to accept and understand their natural sexual orientation.

    2. But what exactly can a therapist offer to a person who does not want to be gay ?

      Every reputable professional organisation, whether psychologists, psychiatrists or psychotherapists have clearly confirmed that there is no valid, ethical or safe therapy for a person presenting with such distress other than to help them accept the orientation they are born with.

      The problem with therapists who advocate conversion type therapies is that their motivation is not to help the distressed individual but to push their own personal agenda.

      Psychological distress makes people vulnerable. They turn to others for help and need to be able to trust that that other person will not harm them more. Conversion therapies have been repeatedly found to be harmful to the point people have taking their lives believing that they failed the therapy – rather than the therapy failed them.

  11. Right Firstly you need to make sure you use correct grammar… for e.g “by” instead of “buy” it would have been fine if used in the correct context but it wasn’t.

    Secondly, yes more could have been done, and more should be done. But it’s the people that are going to be affected by the changes and anyone that agrees with those people that need to fight for change.

    This has always been the way, and it always will be. After all we’ve come this far… why stop now?

  12. Why not use one of these quacks – when you get there ask them to get rid of your heterosexual feelings – say you’ve been feeling a bit bi and want to be totally homo. when they refuse to treat you – sue them – it’s illegal to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation in the UK – you should make £5000 in damages.

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