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Church of Scotland: We won’t support equal marriage despite historic vote

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Reader comments

  1. Derek Williams 21 Nov 2013, 1:16pm

    Oh well, only for a couple of months more, then that statement will be untrue in Scotland.

    1. It”ll still be a true statement but marriage will no longer be just the exclusive privilege of a man and a woman but same sex couples will also be able to get married .

  2. They’re such parrot-like bigots though aren’t they
    “Squawk!… marriage is between a man and a woman…Squawk!

  3. Beelzeebub 21 Nov 2013, 1:21pm

    ” We won’t support equal marriage despite historic vote”

    Excellent. It will only quicken your long overdue demise.

  4. And so, they take another step into total irrelevance.

  5. According to the BBC Web site, the Church of Scotland allows divorcees to marry. So in effect they allow one man to marry as many women as he wishes and vice versa. I wonder whose “mainstream Christian belief” that is? Not Anglican or Catholic churches, that’s for certain.

  6. Who cares? You and your bigoted congregation are dying out. One generation and every one of your buildings will be converted to flats.

  7. YAWN!! These religious loons are quite tiresome.

    We know you won’t support SSM. The good thing here is that You lot are not in Government so you can whinge about it all you want.

    It is coming to England & Wales with Scotland following suit soon. Best get used to it.

  8. Helge Vladimir Tiller 21 Nov 2013, 2:18pm

    Did The Church say “constructive” ? During History- and today- churches all around the World have never been constructive, ’cause they, deep inside their belief and actions, consider homosexual activity to be against God and Nature. Church, Your name is suppression. —And, do not suppress Your own ! members further.

  9. Nails and coffins. They are obviously either totally detached from reality …. or have a death wish. I trust it’s the latter.

  10. These loons are on the wrong site of history. This year saw the 16th U.S. state legalize equal marriage which shows which direction we are moving. More and more people around the world are living in areas where equal marriages can take place. Soon in England, Wales, and Scotland it will be the same way.
    They have no idea what is happening, they are like sinking ships.

  11. Since most (opposite sex) marriages in Scotland at the moment are already non-religious, when same sex marriages start up it’ll mean an even bigger majority of Scottish marriages being non-religious. Using the same argument religions always throw at us, if they are only involved in a minority of marriages, they should have no say whatsoever on this subject.

  12. It’s fascinating to me that they claim there is not widespread support for equal marriage, by guesstimating the opinions of their own cult followers and NOT the general public!
    The religious beliefs of a minority of bigots in churches does NOT REPRESENT the wider public view just because you want it to!

    This is like suggesting that the entire country favours Vodka as their drink of preference by only asking drinkers in a Vodka bar!

    How do these people manage to clothe themselves in the morning? They should be under 24 hour nursing care for all the complete and nutter nutty bullsh*t they talk.

    And, aside from all this, their opinions DO NOT MATTER. A religious minority has no right and no place to determine law, not Muslim, not Christian, not Catholic and $cientology… I don’t care what loony book you follow, you have no right trying to influence the laws WE ALL live under.

    I cannot wait to see these crazies die out.

    1. Jon "maddog" Hall 21 Nov 2013, 3:51pm

      Please read his remarks carefully. He says that there is a “spread of opinion” in their congregations (true…some people are really for SSM and some people are really against SSM and many are between those…even in their congregation), but that the support for SSM is not unanimous.

      All true, but irrelevant.


    Surely this’d only really have been news if the Church of Scotland had said they would support equal marriage?

  14. Sanctimonious old FANNIES !

  15. Who gives a flying Fock what the Church of Scotland thinks? Or any church for that matter. If heaven existed it must be an absolutely delightful place with so many hateful mouth-frothers. I doubt anyone would still inhabit that imaginary asylum in the sky as they would all have killed each other by now. Oh yes, I forgot, they have “eternal life” there lol, so they can continue to be hateful barstewards for infinity. The religious on earth must be in training for their doom.

  16. Be Reasonable 22 Nov 2013, 6:43pm

    I am one of the ‘religious nuts’ described in some of your comments below, I am in fact a member of the Church of Scotland.

    There are many of us who fully support same-sex marriage in Scotland: hoping, praying, and waiting for the day when gay couple can be married in a Church of Scotland church. As a side note, we currently already do allow individual ministers, according to their conscience, to hold services of blessing for couples who have a civil partnership.

    The reason the Church of Scotland has issued its recent statement ( is ONLY because we have not yet discussed it as a church. We have no Archbishop or Pope who can decide overnight what the church thinks about things – that is done through a huge annual gathering, a General Assembly, every year. So when things like this happen, we have to give the historical default answer.

    There is hope yet.

  17. go commit suicide no one needs these 4000 BC creeps anyway.

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