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Boyzone: We have learnt to cope from losing our close friend Stephen Gately

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Reader comments

  1. What a beautiful person Stephen was. What an evil vile cow Jan Moir is. I wrote to the vile mail at the time but didn’t receive a response!

  2. still a great loss even 4 years on, he made the group Boyzone, still play his music now

  3. It was a very sad time for many, even those who were not particularly fans. It was made all the worse by that sh*t-slinging ignoramus Jan Moir.

    Is she still around? I believe she has yet to admit that her entire trash piece was complete rubbish and that she barely has enough braincells to rub together to create an article worthy of publishing.

    Looking back on what caused his passing, and reading her utterly ridiculous ranting and ignorant opinions about sudden death and undiagnosed conditions, it’s clear she has no place writing anything for anyone.

    I wonder if anyone will notice when she dies?

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