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Alec Baldwin attempts to calm furore over alleged homophobic slur by joking that he loves another man

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Coleman 21 Nov 2013, 4:54pm

    Celebrities should concentrate on what they are celebrated for: in Baldwin’s case, his acting. Beyond that, celebrities should be encouraged to keep a very low profile.

    1. I would never put this tosspot under a category heading of ‘celebrity’. He strikes me, on past performance, as a disgusting homophobe.

      1. Christopher Coleman 22 Nov 2013, 4:20pm

        One must try to be objective. If Baldwin were not a celebrity, his activities would not be reported.

      1. Typo:
        I thought he was famous for his hairy chest

  2. Odious moron.

  3. Edgar Carpenter 21 Nov 2013, 6:08pm

    @Truth – Alec Baldwin has supported LGBT rights in many venues for many years; he started speaking out for LGBT equality long before it became popular – long before some Pinknews readers were old enough to read, in fact.

    So yes, he uses obsolete swear words when he loses his temper. And yes, he needs to work on that. But I and a lot of other LGBT people will continue to support Baldwin because he has spent a lot of time and personal effort supporting *us* – nobody forced him to do that, nobody expected him to do that, he’s just done it because he thinks it’s right. Calling him names does not change any of that.

    1. Sorry, Edgar Carpenter, but for him to be supportive of our cause and then show his TRUE feelings ‘in anger’ suggests to me he has perhaps supported gay rights not through altruism but for some other reason. It is moronic to use highly insulting terms such as he did while claiming to be a supporter. Plus, to seek to justify his outburst in the way you have done is, in my humble opinion, even MORE moronic. If this is an example of Baldwin’s ‘support’, personally I’d be happier without it ……

      1. Despite the fact that Baldwin has previously done good support work in the past, I do find it upsetting and a bit startling that he can say something like that off the cuff. When we are angry, we tend to let-rip with our true beliefs and perceptions.

        I genuinely hope that this isn’t the case with Mr Baldwin, but I must agree with TRUTH that this is a hypocritical blow to the gay community

      2. what ’cause’?? the cause of squares tho came out when they were 32 even if they didn’t need to? the rest of us, queer as folk, know that we’re a minority and know that that’s what keeps guys like Baldwin from admitting they were in love with Timmy in the 8th grade. Your cause is still in the closet. Get queer, not gay.

  4. We, like many black people, are often ready to mock insult each other – and gay friendly straights think they can do the same. My partner and I have a woman friend who sometimes makes bitchy comments about gay celebs because she has heard gay male friends doing it. She doesn’t realise that it is offensive – maybe it’s time for us to realise that homophobic language is always offensive, even if it’s queers using it – and stop?

    1. we’re a minority and always will be… sex isn’t color, it’s intimate to intimate, man to man, woman to woman. people don’t want to share themselves with everyone, don’t want intrusions into their life. the best we can hope for is that they just let us live our own life… i don’t need them to love me, just not kill me.

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