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X Factor’s James Arthur in spat with Lucy Spraggan over his use of the word ‘queer’

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Reader comments

  1. Bless. He really is determined to wreck his own career, isn’t he?!

  2. Seems to me Lucy just jumped on the band wagon of haters. I can say this impartially because I had no idea who either of these two were before today. What kind of friend publishes tweets? If my friend was being or saying something stupid I would explain it to them in person not publish it over twitter.

    1. if my “friend” was throwing homophobia around, they’re not my friend and deserve what they get

    2. It seems, from the discussion, that this is exactly what she did, and he then blew up in her face.
      Lets talk about “friendship” for a moment… if a friend tells me that I am doing something wrong, I don’t attack them and try to excuse my behavior by being an arrogant p**ck. A real friend listens to that opinion, and responds like an adult.

      If anyone is the real friend in this scenario it’s her. She took the opportunity to try to stop him from wrecking his own career, and he laughed in her face. I think it’s blatantly clear which of these two is the real friend.

      Once you break that unspoken agreement and attack a “friend”, then all bets are off. I would have published this little boys nonsense too.

      And like you, I don’t know anything about either of them, only what I’ve seen on here and Twitter. I don’t watch car-crash trashy TV shows.

    3. Staircase2 21 Nov 2013, 3:57pm

      @LadyButler – I suggest you google them

  3. This “real person” does care that people kill themselves because of homophobic bullies calling them queer. He also hopes it’s not long before James Arthur disappears without trace.

  4. As someone who only obsesses over doctor who celebrities and some soap celebrities yes as an LGBT person being the G in that abbreviation I have heard of Lucy Spraggan. But who is James Arthur, some X-Factor hopeful.

    I fully back Spraggan over this issue she seems to be a person who has depth inside of her and real feeling. A real inspiration.

  5. He obviously cannot help digging a very large hole for himself – or should that be for his ego. The more he says, the more it tells any decent human being that he’s a nasty piece of trash. You’d think that having success would have made him sound less hateful and a little bit happier, but it doesn’t appear so. The pressure must have got to him! With any luck, he’ll soon sink without trace as we could do without him potentially corrupting the minds of children and teenagers (i.e. those gullible enough to listen to his trashy material in the first place).

  6. barriejohn 21 Nov 2013, 8:39am

    Who are these people? “X factor’s James Arthur” – it’s like all those pantomime stars that no one has ever heard of, whose credentials have to be pointed out in the advertising material (“Lucy Gormless from Neighbours”). Is this really news? Why am I being sent drivel like this that belongs in the Showbiz section?

  7. I generally disapprove of publishing private conversations, but exposing dishonesty by a public figure is a legitimate exception.

    Mr Arthur’s “explanation” of his original rap was that he had not intended his use of “queer” to be mistaken for a homophobic slur. Of course this explanation made no sense, since queer used as a slur _is_ homophobic and has no other derogatory meaning.

    Thanks to Ms Spraggan, we now know the real reason James Arthur used the slurs: he doesn’t believe slurs do harm. “Is it coz you’re a gay rights activist you had to say something as extreme as ‘people kill themselves every day over words like queer’ are you for real? You not think you’re being a bit over the top? Do you want attention or something?”

    When informed by a gay person that his slurs caused harm, Mr Arthur chose not to explore the idea and dismissed it as obvious nonsense.

    Mr Arthur’s brazen lack of compassion for vulnerable young people deserves an equally unsympathetic reaction.

  8. Agree how dumb to making homophobic comments so early- there agin not worried it all be James Who in a few month current album in the bargain bin very soon. He does appear to have a history of making homophobic comments -so the sorry from him in the last song doesn’t wash with me – second album maybe but will vanished very quickly.

  9. And this is why children shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet without grown-up supervision.

  10. Staircase2 21 Nov 2013, 3:56pm

    What a dick
    I’ve gone right off him now

  11. Who is he?

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