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Tesco launches inquiry into employees posting online photos and videos abusing trans customers

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Reader comments

  1. Tanya Bloomfield 20 Nov 2013, 2:55pm

    Reminds me of the staff in Sainsburys in Brighton laughing at me buying feminine hygiene products. Caused me much damage since I was having post surgical complications and they shook my confidence at a very vulnerable time.

  2. This callous ridicule of transgendered people happens regularly in these supermarkets and outside also. A trans friend of mine who unfortunately is now dead by suicide had this happen everyday ,she went to just get basic provisions. The idiotic staff would all go nudge nudge wink wink/inane giggling , when she entered to when she left. On top of all the vile discrimination faced by transgendered people , they can’t even get a loaf of bread in peace.

  3. how sad these morons are – hard to believe that there are people out there with a IQ of a carrot stick – lets hope Tesco deal with this as quickly and dimly as Addision Lee did with the homophobe

  4. If these people were taking photographs and video of customers whilst at work in Tesco or on Tesco property while being Tesco employees and publishing them on a personal website or facebook, then they should be dismissed with extreme prejudice on their record to any future employer. I hope Tesco are taking note, nothing less is approproiate for this sort of behaviour.
    If they have not already done so, All their staff should be made aware that treating anyone ( and that includes fellow employees) less favourably or in a discriminatory manner, because of their (or percieved) sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity leaves the company open to prosecution and a civil suite which could cost them ten of thousands of pounds.
    If this happens to you complain to the store manager and follow it up in writing.
    I have had occasion to do that, and am saddened that Teso have still not got it right.
    Zero tollerance.

    1. Beelzeebub 20 Nov 2013, 4:17pm

      This is indeed true.

      In fact Tesco has its own LGBT group and its is very strong on discrimination against its LGBT employees, so it stands to reason that it should also be strong on dscrimination against its customers, both on business and ethical reasons.

    2. I don’t think we can say that ‘Tesco have still not got it right’. In an organisation with 300,000 staff there is no way that the company can guarrantee that every single member of staff is acting entirely in accordance with every value of the company at all times. This story relates to a specific store and from the sound of their statement Tesco seem to be taking it seriously. I don’t doubt they will sack anyone they discover to have been acting improperly. That, and a reminder to staff regarding appropriate behaviour seems to be what they will deliver.

      I think an apology to the people who fell victim to this abuse while on Tesco property is also appropriate, either a public or a private apology, depending on the victim’s preference. If they do that i don’t think there”s much more you can expect of them. To me the initial response looks like they are very keen to put this right.

  5. Isn’t it how it goes, though? The Irish used to be treated in exactly the same way and the experience seems to have left no sense of awareness or sensitivity to the hurt and injustice of discrimination. Well done Tesco for launching an inquiry into this sub-standard behaviour!

  6. Sinead Harkin 20 Nov 2013, 7:52pm

    Disgusting,I put my watch back 40 years when going to Ireland

    1. we’re on the same time as them here, literally and metaphorically, as this type of discrimination against transgendered happens all the time here.

  7. I’m surprised they have the intelligence to operate a camera phone. Morons

  8. Tesco – we want names. We want disciplinary action. Let’s make sure these idiots never get work again.

  9. Wickes store in Lancaster have been abusive and discriminatory to me.
    I have tried to obtain an apology from Wickes but have as yet been unseuccessful.
    If we stop using their stores they will soon out their houses in order.

  10. Jenna Powell 22 Nov 2013, 1:07pm

    Surely if the staff work for Tesco and are at work at the time that they are photographing and videoing people then it doesn’t make a difference whether they are using a personal Facebook page or not.
    If they were being paid by Tesco at the time that they took the pictures then they have no excuse but to take disciplinary action.
    I’ve not had any real issues with any of the supermarkets since I transitioned. A checkout operator at Tesco did misgender me on one occasion but it was done so quietly that it was difficult to tell he’d done it. Other than that I’ve found most supermarket staff I’ve dealt with to be friendly and helpful.

  11. postopgirl 25 Nov 2013, 4:18pm

    I have had abuse from Tesco staff, so the girl in question isn’t alone and I knew I wasn’t alone too, but my experiences were not exclusive to Tesco, but many stores and businesses, too many to name, it seems staff get away with just about anything, I hope Tesco do something this time, like stack staff and reaffirm their diversity policy in more than just words, as this shows staff they mean it when they inform staff at the training stage to treat ALL staff with respect, but sadly given how I have suffered and had little or no satisfaction, I won’t hold my breath things are going to change very soon, am I the only one that noticed all the male pronouns in the article, be nice to know if any TS lasses who have actually worked in retail how things are from the other side of the counter.

    1. postopgirl 25 Nov 2013, 4:21pm

      my error, I meant treat ALL staff (i.e collegues) and customers with respect


    Yes male pronouns throughout and an overemphasis on the alleged mental health issues of one of trans people also, easy to see how they would develope, being treated this way, awful reporting in the original newspaper

    1. I know this person who was videoed in tesco and she has mental health problems, It has nothing to do with being trans what so ever, the original news paper only points out the mental health issue to show people how this person was so easily took advantage of in the store by the employees, it just shows how vulnerable she was to this and to be videoed, these employees knew that and that’s why he took advantage to get a video of her, these people were abused because of there gender,race,appearance and mental health,even online posts by tesco employees about how bad some customers hygiene was, in that store they targeted EVERYONE for there sick pleasure, It was GREAT reporting by the journalist and paper who reported on it because if they did not do it this would have been still on going and tesco would have covering it up, Here’s an update on the article

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