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Comment: Equal marriage passing first stage in Scotland is a victory for all, not just LGBT people

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Reader comments

  1. It’s a pity Marco Biagi has used this fantastic moment in gay equality to have a go at the Conservatives and try to score petty political points.

    Furthermore, he’s not comparing like for like on the timescales. It took about 3 years from the 2010 election until equal marriage was passed in full in Westminster. His assertion that it’s taken 6 months less in Scotland is only about today’s first stage vote. It will be another few months at least until the final vote, meaning the timescales between Westminster and Holyroid will be very similar in the end.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Nov 2013, 9:07pm

      You’re right. Legislatively, our bill wasn’t introduced until January 2013 for first reading, passed in February in second reading and finally in the third reading in mid-July, receiving Royal Assent July 17th. It’s roughly about the same time period, but I believe the notion of equal marriage for the UK began in Scotland as far back as 2008. Ours wasn’t even on the radar until May 2010 just days before the general election. On balance, I think Scotland today had an easier time, far less resistance considering the size of the vote today, then we had the Lords to contend with something Scotland doesn’t have. A good day for Scotland and a good one for the UK. The DUP in Northern Ireland should hang its head in shame.

      1. I once argued with an SNP employee who left a comment piece on Pink News about the timescales. He compared the timescales by comparing the official beginning of the equal marriage legislation process in England with the campaign by activists in Scotland.
        Actually, the SNP and Labour in Scotland both only started talking about equal marriage during the 2011 election campaign. In their first term from 2007-2011, the SNP government turned down the chance to introduce equal marriage 6 times when the relevant committee recomended it. They refused to even look into it when the committee then advised they do that. In a PN interview in 2010, Salmond stated that no party in Scotland could introduce equal marriage cause the powers lay at Westminster, which wasn’t true. Labour didn’t mention it either until 2011.

  2. “Even the Scottish Parliament’s third party – the Conservatives – surprised many with almost half of their members backing the bill.”

    Which means more than half didn’t! Why do they constantly get praise for having only a SLIM majority of bigots?!

  3. I praise him FOR criticising the Tories very limited support for any and all of our rights – and complete non-support at that.

    It’s tiresome and insulting to see the party being praised when more of them oppose equality than not – it’s disgusting to see people scream that “they’ve changed” when the same figures who were campaigning viciously against us in the past are still in high office – and when they still can’t scrape up 50% support for our rights

    But we praise them… for what? Because a gay MP had to fight for re-selection and won? Yay! WHY DID HE HAVE TO FIGHT? For proposing Equal Marriage then relying on other parties to pass it because their own was vehemently opposed?

    It’s not “petty political points” to expose bigotry in the face of endless shallow PR

    1. Oh, I don’t mean to defend the Tories, far from it. It is disgusting that half of them voted against equal marriage and I would never describe them as being gay friendly. . But it’s a bit rich coming from an SNP MSP when some of their own government ministers couldn’t support it and the minister responsible for marriage law refused to even handle the legislation despite it being her responsibility. Also, Marco Biagi has claimed that Scotland did it quicker despite comparing the total time in Westminster to the time taken to get part of the way in Scotland – it’s still got two stages to go in Scotland. The SNP criticised Ruth Davidson last week when she blamed the Scottish government for taking too long. They pointed out she was being selective with the facts and now Marco Biagi is doing the exact same thing.

      1. True, he is throwing stones from a rather glorious glass house there.

        But I do think the Tories have been getting a ridiculous amount fo praise for doing less than any other party lately

        1. Oh, absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. I just hate this kind of political hypocrisy when a politician or supporter from one party criticises another party yet does the same thing themselves or stays quiet when the same thing happens in their party.

          I especially hate it when one party criticises another for being homophobic when their own party has it’s fair share of problems. The SNP is funded by Souter, it has at least 3 openly homophibic government ministers, it supports St. Margaret’s adoption agency to this day, and while I’m over the moon they introduced equal marriage, their whole attitude to it was much more reserved than even the Tories in Westminster. At least the Tories commited to it from the off, the SNP wouldn’t even do that for almost a year after they’d officially begun the process.
          So I’m glad both governments introduced it, and I’ll give them credit for doing it but I won’t be grateful for getting equality. That’s the least a government can do.

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