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X Factor winner James Arthur quits Twitter after homophobic row

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Reader comments

  1. Rudehamster 19 Nov 2013, 9:57pm

    Hours sleep lost over Mr Arthur’s existence: zero.
    The sad thing is that his (c)rap stuff is listen too and muttered verbatim by thousands of bewildered little teenagers. They repeat the homophobic bits and use it as an excuse for bullying.
    There is very little talent in his stuff, as it’s neither music nor song. Most of it is a barely comprehensible mix of American slang, London Chav-Patois, with a generous helping of ‘listen to my story of being a poor gangsta-wannabe’: all performed by a white, middle class man who’s very happy taking the cash so he can buy a three-bed semi in Slough and pay for his pension.
    All very gangsta…innit.

  2. the really sad thing when you look at his twitter feed is all the sad late teenage girls who think that he’s done nothing wrong. Its like abuse is alright if you’re famous, even if it is only from a second rate television show. I also question how many of these silly girls are straight and have never experienced verbal hatred of the kind uttered by Mr Arthur and his kind.
    And it’s another case of I’m not homophobic I have gay friends. please turn the record off its VERY boring!

  3. In the end he is a silly, uneducated little man who will be forgotten in 5 years time, probably less. It is a shame he used his 15 minutes of fame (how right Warhol was) to insult and offend. Much of the appeal and success of James Blunt, Will Young and Olly Murs is that they are inoffensive, pleasant young men. That appeals to a wider demographic than chavvy unpleasantness.

    1. 5 years that is very generous of you. If I had not seen this I would not of known who was and why he is supposed to matter.

  4. Obviously his career if he ever had one is on the slide and has had to resort to using homophic insults to generate publicity. If somebody had used tose words against him he would run crying accusing them of bullying him sad little twonk!

  5. Good job you pointed out who he was at the end… I actually had no idea :/
    I’m not very good at being a “f*cking queer”

  6. John Smith 30 Nov 2013, 9:28pm

    As a proper old fashioned political hip-hop fan, and person with much disdain for the modern pop scene, and all of its sillyness about the nature of being human.
    Simply put, check yourself before you flow. There was a decent article in Graun arts about ‘being gay in hip-hop’ pretty scary, much like being female in the music biz.

  7. I’d never heard of this person before and I work in music. Yet more weight against this aspect of pop music and modern media.

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