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Out on the Street London summit talks ‘return-on equality’ for LGBT friendly businesses

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Reader comments

  1. Pack of dishonest crooks.

    These are the businesses that ruined the economy for the world and therefore for millions of gay people.

    Do they promise to divest from countries with homophobic laws? No

    Do they support far stricter regulation of the financial sector to prevent these banks from destroying the economy again? No

    How many bankers from these banks have been jailed for their crimes? 0

    This is a meaningless networking event for criminals

  2. Out of curiosity how many of these banks operate in Russia?

    All of them I would wager.

    How many of those banks have policies protecting gay people from being sacked in Russia?

    Not a single one of them I bet.

  3. I’m so glad I don’t identify as gay. Greesy(typo stays) nasty wicked people trading 3rd world debt. Misselling PPI and LIBOR costing us who pay mortgagaes billions. Scum.

  4. Paul Brownsey 19 Nov 2013, 5:12pm

    Having read the story I’m not clear what is meant by “return-on equality”. At the moments when you expect an explanation the story goes opaque.

    Are we talking about the return which companies might be expected to get from promoting equality? In that case, I cannot see what the hyphen is doing in the phrase. But perhaps the phrase means something else.

    The headline doesn’t help comprehension, either. I *think* “talks” is meant as a verb, not a plural noun, but in that case, it needs to be followed by “on” or “about”.

  5. The comments on this story are very sad and from people who do not know what they are talking about. I am gay and work for a bank, my bank operates in Africa in some countries that have terrible homophobic laws, many local gay people come to work for my bank and other international companies as they know they will be treated better and have less to fear than working for a local company and that is the truth for our Middle East operations also. In all these countries we have our global code of conduct and whilst we can’t go into Uganda and tell them how to run their country as we will be accused of neo-colonialism, any employee who is discriminated on by colleagues on the basis of sexual orientation we fire those person on the spot for violation of our global code, for disrespecting a fellow employee (not a gay one) but a co-worker and we are strict on it, that is how we circumvent local law, so please do not let your dislike of banks blind you, banks protect their LGBT workers.

    1. dumb ass muthafuker. google IMF structual policies. You make me sick. You can be a homosexual in these countries but you cannot be gay. Homosexuals were here for 10’s of thousands of years before christianity demonised us. The problem is most people who work in banks ascribe to one of those hate filled religions. I suggest you check yourself and get a real job. not a parasitical one

      1. Paul Brownsey 19 Nov 2013, 8:21pm

        The word is “subscribe”, not “ascribe”. Look up “ascribe”.

        1. Yes that’s what matters about my comment. In the 90’s with many of us dying we perversely had a lot of good will from most people. We were envied for out lifestyle and culture. Now what do we have? Drugs, bad music, gay Tories, bankers , marriage and children. Assimilation.

      2. Silly, silly boy I am atheist and so too are most of my co-workers in the banks if they are under 40, you are foaming at the moth without any reason. Say what you will but the Stonewall workplace index has the banks and other multinationals at the top and that is fact. I studied Development Policy for my Bachelors in Canada, so do not tell me about development theory and structural policies because I can run circles around you and I do not see what that has to do with anything. You go Google Mark McLane of Barclays or Lord Brown of BP or Tim Cook of Apple or Tim Gill Software or Paul Signer Hedge Funds and tell me what contribution they have made to LGBT rights and then tell me what you have done.

  6. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Jan 2014, 7:18pm

    I may have a few issues with banks however this article brought a smile to my face.

    Having had a Chairman of a public company tell me he would have no gays on the Board and I was subsiquently sacked having turned around 8 companies in three years all over Europe and USA I so celebrate this move in business and congratulate all those who work to make it happen.

    My experience still affects me today and robbed me of a fulfilling career. However today I am not part of that world and do not miss it. It was fun them.

    My hope is these initiatives will blossom and in years to come people will wonder what all the fuss was about. It has ramifications through society but I know from the scene that it will save lives of many who drink and drug to get rid of the feelings of not being equal in a competitive environment.

    I have two gay nieces, one quite young. The other is out there, and respected by her Legal firm in London. I so respect her and her firm.

  7. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Jan 2014, 7:20pm

    Win, Win, Win, Win. The person, The firm, The client and Society.
    Healthy and wonderful.

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