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MP Crispin Blunt: I’m proof that grassroots Tories are happy to have a gay MP

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Cameron 19 Nov 2013, 4:43pm

    An excellent and honest appraisal. I had contacts with Crispin Blunt about homosexual issues long before he ‘came out’ (at the time IDS was about to be elected as Leader) and although I was not a constituent he took the time and trouble to write me a sympathetic ‘coded’ reply which whilst repeating the ‘party line’ at the time nevertheless gave me a clear indication of what his own real feelings were – and these became even clearer quite a few years later with his ‘coming out’.

    We have the first vote in the Scottish Parliament in the next day or so on same-sex marriage; one of my Conservative ‘list’ MSPs, whom I know well, has just responded to my lobbying on the issue, saying that initially she had decided to ‘abstain’ (as all Conservative MSPs had done for civil partnerships), but has now decided to vote ‘yes’ – obviously I’m pleased but will be studying what actually happens when the votes are counted; it’s obvious though that she has also been lobbied by many who are opposed.

  2. Philip Breen 19 Nov 2013, 5:12pm

    Congratulations on sticking to your guns no matter what! However, there is something you could do to help many. Why has nobody challenged the 2013 Home Office driven government decision to include the spent gay convictions on the recently published list of offences that will always be disclosed on enhanced disclosures? (so often secured by a ‘pretty police’ entrapment routine until the SOA 2003) Consequently, the old gay offences are deemed generic safeguarding risks, when the context of those crimes was mostly that of men looking for adult same-sex partners, not men looking for underage males. Checking an individual’s case notes could identify whether minors were involved in the conviction. However, it is presumed that soliciting or gross indecency implied men looking for boys. This injustice marks, not only extraordinary discrimination against gays, but the perpetuation of the damage done by such convictions that would not be prioritised now & brought to court in the public interest.

  3. Derek Williams 19 Nov 2013, 6:02pm

    A wonderful result, congratulations!

  4. He’s also proof that his party has the most virulent homophobes – honestly, can you imagine, in 2013, Labour or Lib Dem candidate even facing this kind of battle?

    The Tories call it a victory when they manage to fend off homophobic attacks from their own party, or when under half their MPs vote for pro-GBLT laws – other parties don’t expect those attacks to happen on such an organised level, and expect those voting against the humanity of GBLT people to be a minority

    1. Chuckster 4 Dec 2013, 3:37pm

      Good luck getting an openly gay MP to win in Labour seats in Bradford, Birmingham and Tower Hamlets, sparky.

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