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Gay daughter of Dick Cheney tells sister: ‘You’re wrong to oppose equal marriage’

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Reader comments

  1. Good for her, and good its come out into the public sphere. Long may she continue to fight and I sincerely hope her bigoted sister recognises her rampant hypocrisy.

    1. And just one other thing….. HOT!!

  2. This is very interesting, because it perfectly shows the current crisis in the Republican party in a microcosm.

    This really is exactly like a parody of what is happening to the Republican party within.

    Just like Dick, they don’t want it to become public that there is a feud between the moderates and the Tea Party fanatics.

    Just like Liz the Tea Party is clinging to a right-wing mantra at the cost of social evolution and their own credibility.

    Just like Mary, the liberal Republicans are striving for progress and know that to remain relevant there has to be change.

    And just like Heather, the public are backing liberal ideals and rejecting the fundamentalism of the Tea Party fanatics.

    This is absolutely perfect, a reflection of what is happening on a national level with the battle within the Republican party.

    Also, if one of my family members had this attitude, I would have nothing more to do with them.

    1. PantoHorse 19 Nov 2013, 1:40pm

      The full story on the beeb says she would not be able to reconcile herself with her sister unless she changes her position:

  3. Liz Cheney is a bigger “BITCH” than her father………….!!!!!!

    1. No, no…
      her father is a “Dick”.
      she’s a “c*nt”.

  4. Frank Boulton 21 Nov 2013, 10:32am

    Liz Cheney’s support for “the traditional definition of marriage” is as lame as anybody else’s attempts to use tradition to excuse exclusion and discrimination. Those who say that they want to hold on to “tradition” mean that they want to hold on to “my tradition”, with the expectation that everyone else should sacrifice their traditions.

    “Tradition” is the paltriest excuse ever to glorify inequality. More often than not, it’s just a way of trying to argue that protracted, historical wrong-doing is a good excuse to carry on doing wrong. “We’ve always done it” must be history’s most well-worn excuse for ethically unjustifiable words and actions.

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