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Priest who said Catholic Church suffered a ‘culture of homosexual bullying’ is suspended

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Reader comments

  1. Oh yes, the RC church is clearly in the hands of Gay mafia. That explains why they are leading the charge for GLBT equality.

  2. Francis Gallant 18 Nov 2013, 3:24pm

    I hope that all those involved in the judicial process reads some history on ‘homophobia as part of religious persecution’, not included in “church” history studies. Books such as these were kept well out of reach in seminary studies. Castration and other forms of torture, and death by drowning, burning, hanging, etc. is bullying. Today, hatred of homosexuals remains rife and I will not avoid saying that The Roman Catholic Church is encouraging a big part of this hatred and ongoing homophobia – brainwashed clergy brainwashing their congregation.

    1. We have no brainwashing from our Priests I cannot ever remember the subject of homosexuality coming up at any church I have attended.

      1. But you cannot know what goes on in the confessional. What if a teenage boy or girl admits to gay fantasies, and is unsure of their sexual orientation?

      2. Frank Boulton 20 Nov 2013, 2:45pm

        Your assertion that you “have no brainwashing” from your priests, only serves as evidence that they have brainwashed their charges with such unrelenting ferocity. By not mentioning a person or group, you are engaging in the ultimate act of exclusion. During my childhood, we never mentioned black people in church or school. The silence was the ultimate act of racism. A clinical psychologist or psychiatrist is always on the watch for what his/her patients say and, even more significantly, what they don’t say. Silence speaks more loudly of exclusion and discrimination than any words can ever do.

  3. Pretty rich for somebody in the Catholic Church to accuse any group of being a mafia…

  4. “The allegations surfaced one day after Cardinal O’Brien told the BBC that male priests within the Catholic Church should be able to marry female partners.”

    HUH! They all went into the priesthood precisely to avoid marrying females. O’Brien included.

  5. Christopher Coleman 29 Nov 2013, 7:54pm

    Catholic priests should know that independent thinking and criticism of the Church are not tolerated.

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