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Gay couple threatened and forced to take shelter in pub in Vauxhall hate crime

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Reader comments

  1. Why Is there not a description of the gang or the scum wielding a weapon in a pub?

    1. Mark Healey 20 Nov 2013, 4:19pm

      Hi Raputure – Mark Healey – Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator I have been liaising with the Investigating Officer(s) and at the moment they have very basic descriptions – 4 people, 3 White Men, 1 White Female. Unfortunately the CCTV inside the pub was no good. We are waiting for CCTV in the area to be checked. Further descriptions will follow once available.

  2. southlondon guy 18 Nov 2013, 7:03pm

    sadly this does not surprise me. Vauxhall used to be very gay friendly hoever them move to brring in more cafes, Nandos, streight clubs etc has started to drive out the gay element. I have found the last 6 months a number of anti gay comments being made

  3. My self and my Civil Partner was subject to a gang of teenagers, in 2009 and like the guys in the article, we had to find shelter in a pub. we had to get a taxi home so we could feel safer. It was a horrid experience, and till this day, I have a fear of teenagers in large numbers, because I get flashbacks of that night.

    1. Mark Healey 22 Nov 2013, 11:07am

      Hi Wayrob – was the incident in 2009 reported? Where did it take place? If you are still experiencing flashbacks etc then could I suggest speaking to Galop or the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard who may be able to refer you for some more support. Let me know how you get on if you want so I can do what I can to improve the services we provide for those who have experienced hate crime Mark Healey Lambeth Hate Crime Co-ordinator

  4. davevauxhall 18 Nov 2013, 7:54pm

    I[‘m sure the community liason officers probably know these little scum. Hope it is persued and CCTV has picked them up.

    1. Mark Healey 20 Nov 2013, 4:22pm

      Davevauxhall – Mark Healey – Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator here CCTV is being investigated. Local Neighbourhood Teams have been notified and our Crime Reduction Manager has put out an update to local wardens to raise awareness and encourage reporting of any incidents that they become aware of.

    2. LambethLGBTVictims 30 Nov 2013, 9:38am

      nothing gets done Dave, Sorry to tell you that. Lambeth wont really do much as they have no resources or inclination to resolve these matters.

      1. Mark Healey 2 Dec 2013, 12:27pm

        Sorry you feel that way LambethLGBTVictims – as Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator and an openly gay man I can assure you that I am determined to resolve these matters if I can.

  5. Solidarity with your walk

  6. Welcome to london. The big myth is that it’s gay friendly. It’s gay tolerant at best. At worst there are animals who will kill you for being gay and proud. I do not travel on public transport for that reason.

    1. As I have said before, you simply cannot generalise about a city of over 8m – anywhere.

      I’ve travelled on London public transport for 24 years without ever having a problem (even when wearing a sarong!).

  7. Pink News have reported nothing about James Arthur tweeting homophobic stuff why not? When scum see people like Arthur tweet abuse with no action taken against them they take it as a message that its OK to abuse us. Im really please and agree with the guy when he states he is no longer willing to put up with abuse -many more of us should also take that stand. I know its not easy and some have reason why they wish not to, but we really need to report to the police every time. The police have a long way to go still but there are many good officers thankfully.

    Im pleased you are both OK. A friend was sitting on the bus in Brixton a couple of weeks ago and a group of 4 boys sat behind him. They were asking wheres your phone batty boy, he was chi* scared to move in case they attacked him. The local news and LBC alway report and display racist rants -why they are not keen to do the same when gay people are abused? The friend was very upset and in a state of shock.

    1. Tell your mate public transport is out of bounds. Buy a bike, cycle or drive.

      1. Aspirational 18 Nov 2013, 10:19pm

        NO! If we let them win, we lose! I am an older person, and I have fought hard for my rights. I will not give them up to a bunch of children.
        Please report all instances to the police, they are surprisingly understanding and supportive.
        Stonewall did not occur by avoiding the problem, but by facing it head on.
        Don’t let us lose what we have fought for (with the cost of lives) just because you don’t want to be inconvenienced on a tube / bus trip.

        1. I used to think we are all in it together until I experienced gay racism. I was shocked and to be frank disgusted. I don’t know if its worth fighting for

          1. Gay people are no more racist than straight people! As a matter of fact, from experience, i would say that gay people may even be slightly LESS racist tan straight people. I don’t think you have met good people.

    2. They did report about the sh*t factor winner. Every open/assertive LGBT person I know, living in London, has suffered similar abuse and worse to those you mention and in the article. It’s a fact of life in London unfortunately. I generally am aware of potential hostility and anytime I have being attacked for being gay in London,when I am in pda with partner. I’ve being spat at , punched ,glassed and my boyfriend badly scarred and bottled all in central London just for kissing one another. Probably , why it is excessively, unlikely to see pda between gay people in London.

      1. I am really sorry to hear about your experiences in London, Rapture, But this just isn’t how it is for EVERY gay person who holds hands with their partner or shows some kind of PDA. I speak from experience, having openly showed affection for my partners at the time and also having witnessed gay/lesbian couples showing PDA numerous times across London. Hate crime happens, I’m well aware of that, but I firmly believe in taking a stance and showing everyone, homophobic or not, that I am not going to be silenced or remain inconspicuous. It takes a lot of courage to do that – recently I saw two guys in their early twenties in Lewisham at 2.00am nestled against each other – stupid some may say, but I vowed to wade in if anything should kick off. Solidarity, unity and strength – it’s the only way to move forward.

        1. I’m glad that you have not had hate crime directed at you showing pda . But unfortunately , that’s not being my experience or others I know in London. I agree people should not be suppressed into being “inconspicuous” and that is why, me being open about my sexuality in pda has resulted in visits to A&E.

      2. Mark Healey 22 Nov 2013, 10:43am

        Hi Rapture – I’m also sorry to hear about your experiences in London. Did any of these incidents take place in Lambeth? and did you report them? do you report incidents when they happen? I would be interested in finding out more about what happened to you if you want to contact me in confidence Mark Healey Lambeth Hate Crime Co-ordinator

        1. No not in lambeth, but in southwark, Haringey, Kensington, Islington, Westminster, hackney. I did used to report violent incidents to police, but felt especially after one violent hate crime perpetrated against me by a gang of a dozen or so, that the attitude of the police was quite homophobic and there was suggestion that it was my “lifestyle” choice that was an issue, which I found obviously offensive. My man also had similar problem with his reporting after being threatened with a weapon , and he was also set fire too. Because of my experience of reporting to the police. Because of this I tend not to bother anymore as I don’t feel I would be supported. I never report verbal abuse as obviously if i’m assaulted and that’s not taken seriously , what’s the point.

          1. Mark Healey 23 Nov 2013, 10:13am

            Hi Rapture – Thank you for responding to my reply to your post above. It sounds like you have experienced a lot of hate crime and that you have not received the support that you should have received. I’m sorry I can’t change what you have experienced but I hope that if something happened to you in Lambeth that you could let me know about it and let me work with you and our partners to make sure that we give you the support you need and that everyone does their best to respond to the incident(s) that occur. My job as Lambeth’s Hate Crime Coordinator is to ensure that we and our partners get it right and to tackle the issues that occur when we and our partners get it wrong. I can only do that if you let me know what is going on –

    3. Mark Healey 18 Nov 2013, 11:21pm

      Hi Lee – Please get your friend to report what happened – either to the local police, or to me at Lambeth Council (I am the local hate crime coordinator 02079262796 or go to Galop Most Buses have CCTV in place these days so if we act fast we may be able to identify those involved.

  8. ronald reagan 18 Nov 2013, 9:39pm

    They were probably the same black teenagers scumbags. They are usually hanging around oval Sub station.

  9. Mark Healey 18 Nov 2013, 11:16pm

    Hi Folks – did anyone witness what happened? Has anyone experienced similar events in the area? If so – please get in touch with me Mark Healey Lambeth’s Hate Crime Coordinator 02079262796. Does not matter how minor the incident(s) may have been – even if it is just verbal abuse – all reports help us identify local hotspots and allocate resources appropriately to hopefully deter and prevent further incidents from taking place. In the meantime – I will follow up with the couple who were attacked to see what support I can give them, and check what the local police/council are doing to investigate the incident. If people would rather not deal directly with the police/council then you can contact Galop which are an independent organisations which can help with 3rd party reporting and provide information and support to those who have experienced hate crime

    1. Thank you ever so much as I have had issues with my neighbor shouting homophobic comments from the flat above me.He shouts to the point of being heard in my flat.It makes me feel very uneasy.I was told by my housing officer that he had the right to express his view within his flat.I also live in the Oval/Vauxhall area.

      1. Mark Healey 2 Dec 2013, 12:43pm

        Hi Philippe – please get in touch with me: Mark Healey Hate Crime Coordinator at Lambeth Council so that I can take this up with the relevant Housing Officer. People do have the right to do what they wish within reason within their own homes however if it is causing a disturbance to neighbours then action can be taken to address the situation.

    2. Thank you Mark as I have had issues with my upstairs neighbor as he has been shouting homophobic comments from time to time which can be easily heard in my flat below.I was told by my housing officer he had the right to express his views within his flat.I argued he intentionally shouted to be heard.The whole situation is very uneasy and somewhat threatening.

  10. One of the biggest problems in our country is (and has been for a long time) totally out of control youth who have no discipline, no respect for others, and a belief that they run the show.

    We seem to have learned nothing from the riots of a couple of years ago. Screw the PC bullsh*t of it being a social or economic problem, anyone who owns a TV knows exactly what that was – it was feral youth with a mob mentality driven by common greed and lack of basic morals, getting away with it because the police couldn’t do anything.

    Enough with the soft nonsense, there are millions of kids in this country being raised (dragged up) by alcoholic, druggy, ignorant, selfish adults who wouldn’t know decent parenting if it slapped them and stuck them on the naughty step!

    I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m inclined to say it’s time we brought public shaming back for those who threaten or harm others in their communities.

    1. actually most people arrested in the riots were over 18. in Manchester where I lived at the time, the oldest was in his 50s and IIRC was a teacher. the idea that the perpetrators were mostly kids is a false one created by the tabloid media so they could conveniently slot the riots into their little “feral youth” narrative. that’s the real “PC bullsh*t” at work here.

    2. soapbubblequeen 22 Nov 2013, 7:38pm

      Extremely well said. I had the misfortune to have a 16 year old girl living with me for nearly 8 months, and she had all the attitude and no brains. And I hate to say this, but all her friends were black (she was white) and that’s where she picked up the majority of her behaviour from. Sorry if that sounds racist, but it’s true. She seemed to think that using the word ‘faggot’ was perfectly acceptable, despite knowing I was gay and found it offensive. Homophobia in the black community and at schools needs to be confronted. They need to feel afraid of adults again and they’re just not. Like the obnoxious drunks we’ve all encountered on public transport, don’t say anything to them and don’t engage them.

      1. No need to be sorry, unless you are completely naïve to reality, it’s well documented the cancer of violent homophobia in the black communities. Homophobia exists in all monocultures in this country , but I have never experienced it as viciously and violently as directed from the black community. All the violent homophobic/racist assaults perpetrated against me were by black people. I would like to see some research into this.

        1. LambethLGBTVictims 30 Nov 2013, 9:44am

          my neighbour was threatened with being shot by a neighbour for being gay. She had to flee for her life. He kept his tenancy and got a slapped wrist. Lambeth did sweet FA really. Yes, he was a Jamaican. I wonder if the fear of confronting and being called racist as the Council, is easier to take the LGBT community and pay platitude to their needs as we tend not to be as vocal? Took them over 6 months to find her a suitable safe home

  11. ‘Batty boy’. That’s all I needed to hear. Same as when your hear ‘Trident’. Puts it all in context. Ethnic minorities could happily undo the progress made by the British in Britain in relation to gay rights and fighting homophobia.

    1. Really? See what one of the victims says below.

    2. No reply to that Graham? Prat.

  12. David Braniff-Herbert 19 Nov 2013, 1:19pm

    It was 4-5 young teenagers one of which was a girl. All were white. Please could people think before insinuating race and demonising youth. Young people are more like to be the victims of crimes, not the perpetrators.Generalising and stereotyping are weapons used against us, let’s not pick up those weapons and use them against others.

    1. Where did you find your description of attackers ? because it’s not on the metropolitan police site for Lambeth.

      1. David Braniff-Herbert 19 Nov 2013, 1:53pm

        I was the person attacked.

        1. I’m really sorry, I did not look at the name, I hope you are ok? and they find the attackers . Good luck .

        2. I’m sorry, did not look at your name properly on my phone. I hope you are ok. Good luck with this .

    2. I’m sorry to tell you this. But talking from personal experience, and looking at statistics. I can tell you that Asian and Black people, are statistically more likely to committ a hate crime against a gay person, than any other race. I can provide figures and give sources to prove that! I am not being racist. I am talking of fact. Not much of a suprise. Considering according to a large independent survey, something crazy like 99% of muslims oppose gay marriage! Whereas the MAJORITY of the British population in general, support it. Also, a majority of muslims in this country, also want gay sex, to be illegal here! I can also understand why the black community, may be a bit more racist than some other groups. A large majority of black people in the UK, come from, or their family came from The Caribbean. As you will know, the caribbean has a really bad gay rights record, The vast majority of the rest of black people, originally come from Africa. Africa is also very homophobic.

      1. Mark Healey 2 Dec 2013, 12:58pm

        Hi Joe – I’d be interested in looking at those statistics that you are looking at – please point me to them

  13. The negative comments about youth and parents in the comments here are part of why this happened, There are a lot of people growing up in Vauxhall and there is very little tolerance from the “gay community” towards families. If there is a lack of tolerance from the next generation coming through here it is really quite likely a case of you reap what you sow. And “Basic morals” as bloke toys says are hardly being learnt by youth growing up near the druggy club scene – the stuff they see is what makes them judgemental not their parents.

    1. What a load of nonsense.

  14. It’s always awful to hear of this kind of crap.

    For those who want more confidence to deal with situations like this, you can contact Ishigaki Ju Jitsu club who can supply training in personal safety and self defence Ishigaki is an LGBT club and has been teaching personal safety, confidence and assertiveness to LGBT people for over 15 years. Check out the website and if you are interested in personal safety and confidence training, drop them an email.

    1. Mark Healey 20 Nov 2013, 4:28pm

      Hi Simon – Mark Healey Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator here – I will take a look at your website. Please feel welcome to get in touch as I’d be more than happy to promote your services to those that may benefit from them where appropriate.

  15. David Braniff-Herbert: “There was a time when I used to tolerate being shouted at, called a queer and laughed at, I no longer live in that time”

    Good for you, sir. Bravo.

    No one should tolerate any level of thuggery.

  16. Whether or not you report a crime or incident, you can be left feeling upset, anxious, angry or guilty, as well as physically harmed depending on what happened. Victim Support is a LGBT friendly crime charity for victims and witnesses of crime. Our service is free and confidential and we can provide support whenever it happened. We have trained teams across the country who provide telephone and face to face support. 0845 30 30 900

  17. LambethLGBTVictims 30 Nov 2013, 9:36am

    Lambeth Council have been drastically failing when it comes to LGBT issues in and around Vauxhall. LGBT residents get threatened and in the end they have the flee their homes as the perpetrators keep their flats and tenancies, the officers who fuel the hatred don’t even get properly investigated and no responses given to the victims of the threats of extremem vilence. Good luck to the guys and well done for standing up, but sadly your perpetrators will remain supported by Lambeth. I am now reluctant to put myself in harms way again by reporting the crime as that actually casued me more problems than the initial threat of being stabbed.

    1. Mark Healey 2 Dec 2013, 12:54pm

      Hi LambethLGBTVictims – sorry to read about you and your neighbour’s experiences. When and where did this take place? I would like to review how the case was handled to ensure that this does not happen again. Also – if you want to speak to me in confidence then please get in touch – Mark Healey Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator I would like to assure you that as an openly gay man and someone who is passionate about tackling hate crime that I will do what I can to make a difference in Lambeth.

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