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Ed Miliband: ‘The 10th anniversary of Section 28 repeal reminds us we must all speak against prejudice’

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Reader comments

  1. I started secondary school in 2003, aka 10 years since the repeal so that means it was a couple of weeks after I started. However, I don’t even remember having sex education mentioning gay issues after this repeal, is it just me?

  2. Shame your party didn’t “speak against prejudice” when Section 28 came in Ed – when it was unveiled in 1988 your lot left it to the Liberals to oppose on their own.

    Then in 1997 Labour threw four more years of schoolkids under the bus for fear of getting a negative headline in the Daily Mail by including repeal in the Labour manifesto.

  3. … and how much ‘speaking up against prejudice’ has the British government done to either the IOC or Russia – or Uganda – or Zimbabwe – or Qatar … or …. etc, etc, etc? This is just the usual political crappo-babble. Why haven’t we withdrawn aid from countries which continue to deny their citizens equality? I totally object to my tax pounds being used to support regimes like that of Mugabe. It is despicable that I should have to watch my hard-earned money going to feather the nest of a vile homophobe like him. STOP PATRONISING THESE PEOPLE WITH MY MONEY!!!!

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