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US: Texas school reverses ban against trans student wearing a tuxedo in graduation photo

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Reader comments

  1. Ah, being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Perhaps this will make other school districts realize that having a policy to look good while never intending to enforce it is no longer a viable option.
    If a school has an equality policy, they better start living up to it.

  2. welcome to TX – filled with right wingers, eg George Bush of the disaster of iraq and the economic disaster got to beat Ann Richards – a democratic governor by having hsi pals put flyers on cars showing two men kissing and saying “this is what they will teach your children”

    one of the guys was white, the other black

    BTW Romney got to be governor of MA by using racism; He’s mormon bitchop, not suprising, they think they are all gods

    Basically Willie horton was a crimal in the state pen who got a weekend pass and raped a couple women. then got caught and back to the state pen

    Romney -a fulture capitalist who makes hundreds off millions moving good jobs to eg commie china, made a big deal out of the thing, though we can be sure that the gov himself doesnt bother or even know who gets a week end pass

    here is the pix of willie horton –


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