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X Factor winner James Arthur apologises for homophobic slur in diss song: ‘I’m disappointed in myself’

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Reader comments

  1. I would love to know what these “rappers” think their words mean, exactly.

    He says that it’s used in rap in a different way, to mean something else, but no one ever seems to be able to say what this alternative meaning is!

    Lets be honest about this, these guys know what they’re saying, there is no “other meaning”. When he says “queer”, he means “QUEER” as a homophobic insult. He’s trying to attack another person by calling them something he deems to be the worst kind of insult.

    I’m so sick to death of hearing straight wan*ers using this excuse of “oops, I didn’t mean it!”

    As Lucas originally said – “F**k you James!”

    If I was one of his many gay friends, I would be deleting his number, after telling him he’s no friend of mine.

    1. It’s the age-old ‘out of context’/ semantical gymnastics that people who purport an idea, or view that expresses unpopular opinions.
      Religious apologists do the same thing…. ‘out of context’ ‘They’re idioms of a bygone era’. Blah! But they don’t take that into account when they use such phrases to discriminate against minority groups. It’s only an ‘idiom’ or ‘out of context’ when they can no longer get away with it, and thus challenged on it.

  2. Lame brain

  3. Hearing him sing is like listening to the sound of fingernails being scraped down a chalkboard.

  4. I’m more concerned that the words James Arthur and Talent have been used in the same sentence!

  5. None of my gay friends enjoy being referred to as “f**ing queers”, so I wonder whether this idiot’s “gay friends” are actually real. I really hope that we don’t see him in any gay venues or magazines. It’s time people like this learnt there are consequences to such insults.

  6. Um, no, sweetheart, homophobic slurs are meant to demean people by associating them with being gay in rap music just like in the school yard. You are either an idiot or you believe your fans are.

  7. That There Other David 16 Nov 2013, 9:09pm

    The more we get to know about this man the more of an utter c*ck he comes across as.

  8. I don’t believe anyone who says they didn’t mean the homophobic slur the made. Using language like that exposes a deep disrespect for GLBT people. I don’t care how many Gay friends he says he’s got. Goodbye loser.

  9. Clearly James Arthur is completely clueless. Huge respect to Matt Lucas for being the bigger man here, head held high.

  10. Christopher in Canada 17 Nov 2013, 12:05pm

    F@g, queer, et al are lesser humans who hold a lower strata on the male hierarchy. It’s all about status. So much for being equal.

  11. This is what you get when kids go through an education system that neither challenges bigotry or encourages acceptance of people who are different.

    As for Mr Arthur, reputation-wise, the only way is up. I think his remorse was genuine. I don’t think he’s even thought his language before. Heartfelt apologies aren’t enough though. If he wants to be taken seriously, I want to see him become part of the solution. He is in a market where homophobia is used to sell records, as we can see with Eminem. So, why not get involved with a charity like Albert Kennedy Trust, to learn about the consequences of that kind of language, expose it and champion the cause for acceptance? Seeing how bad things are at first hand brings out artistic brilliance (George Orwell, Grandmaster Melle Mel and so on). Wondering how, for example the AKT stops LGBT kids from going under and might even give him something substantial and memorable to rap about.

  12. It is alright James. It’s not as if you had a career to lose anyway.

  13. James. I watched you at GAY. I bought your songs. Never again. How does anyone not realise these days that we won’t put up with it!

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