Reader comments · Reporter who received anti-gay slur challenges Alec Baldwin to fight: ‘Why don’t we settle this like men?’ · PinkNews

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Reporter who received anti-gay slur challenges Alec Baldwin to fight: ‘Why don’t we settle this like men?’

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Reader comments

  1. I am certainly no fan of Alec, and I actually wish he would just f**k off after all the nonsense he’s spouted over the last year, but from a purely professional position he should offer to write a response to this “challenge”.

    He should kindly thank the “journalist” for the suggestion, but make an honest statement about it being embarrassing for a man of his age and lack of fitness to be in a boxing match – but that he would make a sizable donation HIMSELF, voluntarily, to the charity.

    The journo is baiting him, he would be an idiot for accepting this. They should be competing to gain the moral high-ground here, not potentially making matters worse.

  2. Oooh, it’s like that ancient Rudolph Valentino thing repeating itself.

  3. WHY is MSNBC only ‘suspending’ Baldwin’s show……..?
    It should be permanently CANCELLED……along with his “30 ROCK” he should be fired from as well as his “CAPITAL ONE” commercials!!!!!!
    THEN —- hopefully he’ll be found in a shallow grave in New Jersey!

  4. Christopher in Canada 17 Nov 2013, 11:59am

    Typical str8 response. Violence. In all my years of going to gay discos, I’ve NEVER ONCE seen a fight, yet have witnessed many at str8 bars.

  5. Real men don’t fight.

    1. What’s a “real” man? I hate this idea that is perpetrated by our society that there are certain behaviours mandatory for being a man. All men are men by definition. Some men fight and some don’t.

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