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Actor Alec Baldwin suspended by MSNBC for calling photographer a ‘cocksucking fag’

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Reader comments

  1. At the risk of attracting many negative responses to my comments – Is it ok when I call str8 men – in a moment of rage – cocksuckers or closet fags? or am I being homophobic to myself – and if in a moment of blind rage must my str8 friends be restricted to only certain curse words which one ‘community’ or other will jump up and down about?

    Isn’t the point here that in temper human beings loose control and that includes their liberal sensitivity?

    1. I partially agree, the point many people are making is that he shouldn’t be taking advantage of anti-gay slurs when frustrated. I am in no doubt Alec Baldwin would never discriminate against a homosexual, but obviously when he’s flustered from many years previous (maybe even in his childhood), when he got stressed he would use anti-gay slurs, and in that circumstance its understandable but not acceptable and is something he needs to work on. This issue (or previous issues) won’t change my views of Alec, but he does need to improve his vocab!

    2. If calling them that makes sense in the given context, then it is ok, IMO. For example, you want to intimidate them becase they were being homophobic towards you.
      But not if you are using it as a generic insult which implies that being gay is inherenty bad.

    3. No. The point is that he was being homophobic.

      If the photographer had been black and he’d said “stupid nigger, get back to where you came from.” Or if he had been Jewish and he had said “The Jews are responsible for all the World wars” (like Mel Gibson did), he would be suffering more than one night off air – his career would be almost over. But he says a homophobic insult and even gay guys like you try and explain it away.

    4. The fact is that people only have these attacks in their vocabulary for a reason, they don’t simply appear from the ether.
      We don’t have an mediate psychic link to a global dictionary, able to pick out random insults as and when it suits. The words we all use are in our vocabulary already, which means that this man is in fact a homophobe.

      If anyone here has used racist words when attacking someone, they are racist. They have access to those words because this is a part of their mentality and existing vocabulary.

      1. Very true, BlokeToys. As is your similar comment further down this thread. Rage reveals true beliefs. As you say, “the filters” evaporate.

    5. Emotional maturity carries a knowledge of what things are just not acceptable to do or say, ever, for any reason.

      Slug someone, and it’s OK because you were just really mad? Call someone a nigger or faggot, and it’s OK because you were just so pissed-off?

      Don’t those actions and words represent a reservoir of something ugly still in your head? If you drained the reservoir, in place of justifying it, wouldn’t that be better?

  2. Well, Alec, you know what they say! ‘It takes one to know one’! This moron could join up with Pat Robertson if they don’t give him another TV show.

  3. For me, I’d say if it’s not acceptable to use racist or anti-semitic slurs when you loose your rag with the papparazzi or tabloid press it shouldn’t be acceptable to use homophobic epithets either.

    It’s not rocket science. Why does Alec repeatedly resort to homophobic trash talk when cornered? There’s something ugly buried in his psyche that comes out under duress. He needs to do some serious soul searching and figure out where that comes from.

    Being annoyed is understandable. Resorting to below the belt bigotry at every provocation, not so much (unless he wants to form a club with Mel Gibson).

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Nov 2013, 12:25pm

    It is NEVER understandable or acceptable to resort to gutter language out of frustration or anger. Clearly, Baldwin has a long history of losing his temper. He needs to get into long-term anger management therapy to work out his issues. Words have consequences especially when they are slurs and target a specific group of people. It’s the sort of behaviour bullies engage in, calling people names to demean and denigrate them. Time will tell if he has made any genuine change. As the saying goes, leopards never change their spots but I’m prepared to give him one last chance.

  5. Rage is not an excuse for bigotry. During a rage is when our thoroughly thought-out filters of rationality are ignored. When you want to wish to blindly spew your most demeaning epithets, it comes from what you feel is a description of your idea of the worst possible type of human being. Within a rage, you don’t have the time, and certainly not the creativity, to concoct such descriptions. They must have existed within the core of a person’s beliefs, and exposed when there is no time to rationally form the complex filters society demands.

    Similarly, it doesn’t matter if you’re Gay or not. If it is sent with the intent to shock or harm, it is wrong. I have many Gay friends, still struggling on coming out, that calling them a fag or queer, even by another Gay person, would hurt them just as deep. If you wish to use potentially sensitive or misinterpreted words, be very clear of its intent. Being Gay doesn’t give you license to use other Gays as weapons.

  6. As others have said, I can understand his rage, I would be angry too if grown men were scaring my wife and child because they want a picture.
    But, it seems that people are missing a fundamental fact here – we only use language that exists in our common vocabulary. This means that he is familiar with using all of those words he has chosen to use in anger.

    The debate is not about whether it was okay or “understandable” for him to be angry, of course he has the right to be angry, any sane person seeing his family harassed like that should be. The argument is his suggestion that he’s not a homophobe. He is, otherwise he would not have immediate access to using homophobic insults when he’s angry.

  7. Christopher in Canada 16 Nov 2013, 1:28pm

    Str8 men all want oral sex yet demean and discount anyone that does it – male or female. What’s that all about?

  8. Alec Baldwin? Who is he? I wouldn’t know him if I was sat next to him.
    I am however the gay man who sat next to Kyllie Minogue and hadn’t a clue who she was either.

    1. He was an screen idol, a handsome hunk of a film star, some years ago.

    2. He was famous for his hairy chest and joy trail I think, an actor who was also a male chest hair glamour model.
      I’ve never seen his acting work.

  9. When people are unnerved, they lose control of their outward displays, and reveal what they really think, how they REALLY feel.

    People who feel the contempt and hatred conveyed by the phrase “cocksucking fag” need deep and protracted mental-health counselling to remove their contempt of and hatred towards homosexual people.

  10. ‘I didnt mean too’ – well you did, you chose your words. You offended your fans. I WAS one. so tired of this, now, so you can forget it i wont be paying for another of his films. Ever!

  11. Thomas Plagemann 17 Nov 2013, 8:02am

    IMHO, and speaking as a card-carrying cocksucking fag…when gay men come down as hard on racism & mysogyny by whitepriviledged men against women, trans persons, people of color…that’s when I’ll take a troubled drunk like Baldwin to task for his pathetic name-calling. Until such time please spare the rest of us all the sanctimoneous squealing about bigotry, as there’s nothing quite as vicious as the bigots among us.

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