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Tribunal rules Northern Ireland Health Minister’s blood ban advice can remain secret

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Reader comments

  1. Before we all get started on ridiculing this buffoon can we please stay away from ‘bashing’ Northern Ireland and the people who live there. Every country/city has its political numpties who embarrass us with their decisions and affiliations, Northern Ireland is no different.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 2:08pm

      True but why do these homophobes keep getting elected and maintain a stranglehold on Stormont? The electorate are no better for giving them power. 8 of them had the affrontery to sit in the Westminster Parliament and voted against the marriage bill at every stage with some of the most vile rhetoric.

      1. I agree Robert but the Christians and/or Loyalists are scared what might happen if ‘Good Protestant Loyalist guardians of the faith and tradition’ did not maintain power, so between them they hold the vote. They fear the Catholics/Nationalists will take over and that Ireland would be united. In the UK people vote for all kinds of lunatics…and in the USA ts worse…..just don’t expect Northern Ireland to be any different

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 4:06pm

          Sadly, I have to agree with that, shaney. Ideally and probably not feasible would be for more catholics to move to the north and outnumber the enemies of LGBT equality, but not going to happen. I expect the DUP to become even more extreme once the republic legislates equal marriage.

          1. Robert, some of your thoughts are just wrong! You are seriously suggesting that Roman Carholic support is the way forward on LGBT issues? The ROI have yet to pass marriage equality and if you think churches campaigned in England, wait to you see what the RC church does on Ireland. It is easy to forget as part of the Good Friday agreement NI was the first part of the UK to legislate equal rights. Since then both sides have polarised from SDLP/OU to SF/DUP and we have fallen behind. The solution is returning to that middle ground, not the stupid ignorance of Ireland you comment on .

      2. Robert, please remember that NI elections and ministerial posts use a contrived form of PR. The DUP are the largest party on less than 25% of the vote. They are no more representative of public opinion on LGBT issues than UKIP are in England (17% vote in last European elections and predicted higher in the next)

    2. The DUP would not be in power if people didn’t vote for them. A 2010 survey ‘Attitudes towards Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People in Northern Ireland’ found “Catholics and people with no religion were much more likely to acknowledge unfair treatment of LGB people than were Protestants”. 28% of Catholics approved of same sex relationships compared with only 11% of Protestants. Both figures ore woefully low and may have improved in the last 3 years but the difference is stark. If Northern Ireland doesn’t want to get bashed then backward political ideologies have to end. The days are numbered for a divided Ireland.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 1:39pm

    Disgusting! Transparency, accountability count for NOTHING in NI politics.

  3. john lyttle 15 Nov 2013, 2:37pm

    They don’t want to reveal the legal advice as, of course, the legal advice would have bluntly told Poots he was in breech of any number of laws and guidelines in this matter. Yet off he went spending taxpayers money. The sooner he’s gone – and it should be soon – the better.

  4. I am bewildered by this article. What are the consequences of this ruling. Does the ban remain in place? Is the minister allowed to keep it in place even if it is irrational?

    1. I believe, that as Poots has exhausted all legal avenues but refuses to budge the decision is now with the UK Health Sec, but him over ruling a delvoved minister could raise other issues. Vast majority of NI rate Poots as a shambles of a minister and are truly embarrassed.

  5. I don’t think we need to see the documents, do we? It a;sready blatantly obvious that this man’s undoubted homophobia has coloured his whole outlook. He has probably contravened numerous civil liberties laws by attempting to prevent gay men from giving blood to say nothing of his other controversial and bigoted views. I just wish the people of the province would stop electing these vile dinosaurs. These people simply re-enforce the stereotypical view of NI Protestants as militant religious, nationalistic maniacs.

  6. de Villiers 15 Nov 2013, 5:58pm

    Presumably this decision is on the basis that all legal advice is secret and does not have to be made public – on the basis that an advocate’s legal advice with their client is always secret?

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