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Study: LGBT people of colour amongst most disadvantaged in American workforce

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Reader comments

  1. Although many people will be tempted to respond to this by saying “also in the news, pope is catholic” etc. it is important to have reports and research examine the depth and breadth of these problems so we can be better armed to fight for equality.

    1. It’s doubly important because there are well funded propaganda campaigns aiming to convince people that LGBT are all privileged wealthy white people therefore insinuating that anyone who opposes homophobia is a racist.

      1. Good point. I think on our side there’s also the need to press eg. the media for better representations of us. Which is to say, it’s not only actively homophobic campaigns which brand us as a white elite but also LGBT representation in mainstream media is often ethnically unrepresentative. And internationally there have been several occasions I’ve seen LGBT sexuality referred to as a white “disease”.

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