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Russian court fines Lady Gaga’s concert organiser for ‘promoting’ homosexuality to children

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Reader comments

  1. “…harmed the well-being of young people by exposing them to knowledge about homosexuality.”

    When existing is a crime.

  2. Hi, Can you tell your readers how you checked this story?
    Not that the gay media can tell any old bonkers lies about Russia…

    1. Interfax news agency (Russia) points this info on the web site actually.

    2. Speaking as a Marxist, I find it funny that you really believe so much that Putin is the saviour of socialism, that you are ready to ignore homophobia in Russia to support him. I’m sorry fagburn, but you are disappearing in your own delusions and are becoming paranoid. You are repeating the same thing, like a broken record, imagining that all reports about Russia are somehow faked, that there is an elaborate conspiracy to paint Putin as something he isn’t. Maybe it is time to start questioning yourself. This is a friendly intervention.
      It is a sad fact that gay people tend to suffer from mental problems more than others, due to understandable reasons. I hope you are not going insane.

  3. Why are the Olympic Games being held in such a backward & homophobic country as Russia?
    Heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality are all totally natural human sexual orientations found in all human populations everywhere.

    1. Because it was decided before the “gay propaganda law” appeared in the media. And because Olympics are not really about sexuality.

      1. You need to read the Olympic Charter (in fact, so do all the athletes participating, and all the members of the IOC too). It clearly states that one of the primary goals of the Olympic movement is equality and freedom for all.

        The IOC are in breach of the principles of their own charter by holding the games in Russia.

  4. Now perhaps all musicians, tour promoters, theater groups and others will BOYCOTT Russia for fear of being fined too. It might be a token amount, but this is a threat.

    Would anyone now want to appear in Russia, knowing that their opinions in the past in genuinely free countries might leave them open to arrest, fines and so on?

    Elton John should be paying particular attention here. If Lady Gaga’s political opinions are an excuse to fine people promoting her, then Elton better be prepared for a sh*t storm of legal problems the moment he sets foot in that hellhole of a country.

    It’s also funny to hear them talking about “exposing” youth to a reality. They sound like flat Earth believers wanting to silence science – yet more proof if any were needed that Russia is full of backward thinking religious nutters.

  5. The ignorant brain-washed religious fools of Russia have no idea. They just don’t know how it works. They just don’t know that no amount of information about the facts of homosexuality will turn a person into a homosexual – just as no amount of information about heterosexuality can stop a homosexual person from being homosexual.

  6. Jon (Malaysia) 15 Nov 2013, 11:46pm

    What scares me is their fear of children gaining knowledge. I thought that was one of the key parts of child rearing.

    1. Keeping people in abject ignorance is how the church furthers it’s own aims and lines it’s own pockets, in this case The Russian Orthodox Church.

      1. Jon (Malaysia) 16 Nov 2013, 9:29am

        Yes I know. It’s taken me all my life to shake the devils from my evangelical Anglican upbringing. Yes there can be such a thing and that was only at my home and my parent’s church. I was free at school and outside, but always tainted those ingrained ideas. For example, when taught evolution, my mother would always say, “isn’t there another way of understanding? maybe to keep an open mind, you should also come to understand what God says”. Very beguiling and not ordering. The Russian orthodox church is even better supported because schools and the gov’t back them up. The kids hardly stand a chance.

  7. I hope Lady Gaga or the organiser don’t pay a single cent to Nazi Russia. This ruling is a joke. Russia needs to get with the time.

  8. I believe Putin’s anti-gay campaign is simply a smoke-screen to disguise the introduction of stricter controls over the whole population. He is already using the law to silence opponents. He is dictator in a country which is emasculated and embarrassed about losing its position on the world stage. Spot any similarities with any other fascist leaders of the past …..? Little men with big ideas – and lots of power – are VERY dangerous.

  9. A fine of £380 for a concert organiser? It’s such a small amount it’s almost laughable. It makes you wonder whether the court really cares about this law.

  10. Censoring all information about homosexuality in fact creates a real need to promote information about homosexuality that otherwise would not exist.
    Why does everyone have to be or appear to be heterosexual? it is a disgusting fantasy and it is unrealistic for gay youth to be expected to be straight or pretend to be straight just to get through the day.

  11. wow isnt Russia brilliant? Oh wait, NO.

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