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Russell Brand: David Cameron is a posh ‘w***er’ who doesn’t worry about gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Russell Brand has achieved nothing for gay rights. Why do people keep feeding this pathetic attention-seeker’s ego?

    1. He’s never claimed to be a gay rights crusader, he’s a Humanitarian, arguing for Human Rights and decent social attitudes to all sorts of things.

      You could say the same thing about Mandela, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s supported HUMAN RIGHTS across the board.

      If anything, it makes him even more effective, equating basic freedom and equality with everything else we should be striving for as a society. Isn’t it better than being a one-trick pony preaching about LGBT rights while completely ignoring other important Human Rights issues?

      1. a humanitarian? – he’s an attention seeking celebrity jumping on the most popular ’cause’ of the moment to keep himself in the news –

        1. Yes, because drug and alcohol abuse have ALWAYS been a priority for the average Brit… right?
          What are you talking about? He’s campaigned on drug abuse for years, and that has NEVER been a popular subject. He does so because it’s something that’s important to him.
          He’s confronted all kinds of issues more recently on his Brand X show, things that no other presenter would dare to touch with a ten foot pole.

          And now, when he makes one statement about LGBT rights you claim that he’s “jumping on” a popular cause?

          The guy made a statement about an issue, it’s not the entirety of what the man is about.

          I think there are far too many incredibly bitchy people here who don’t seem to understand half of what he’s talked about and campaigned for over the last five years and more.

          I would have expected more from the audience here.

          1. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Nov 2013, 1:06am

            Fair enough, but possibly some of us don’t think he’s the greatest authority of the state of British politics.

            You are entitled to your view of course, as are we.

      2. He’s an attention-seeking pillock. I’m stunned that people are taking his juvenile drivel seriously

    2. Meaghan Edwards 16 Nov 2013, 2:59am

      Maybe you should see his taking on the Westboro Baptist Church.

      He supports equality and to me, that is achieving something.

      1. OMG! Making jokes about the bunch that probably at least 90% of Americans (even many homophobes) think is despicable? Wow, how brave of him.

      2. Oo, he “took on” the Westboro Baptists. Well that’s just like shooting fish in a barrel, anyone with half a brain could do it and get applause. You must be very easily impressed.

  2. Locus Solus 15 Nov 2013, 7:06pm

    What’s this? Another half assed ill conceived publicity stunt ranting from a crap comedian?

    1. How is it a “publicity stunt” to be asked a question and to give an answer?

  3. Russell is right though, David Cameron won’t boycott the Russia Olympics but he wants to stop commonwealth countries from even worse human rights abuses towards LGBT people? Ok, makes perfect sense.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 7:54pm

      Why single out Cameron? Name one western leader or country that boycotting the Winter Olympics?

  4. The fact of the matter is that politicians do what is popular, to secure support. Does anyone really think that Cameron would have given a rats behind about LGBT equality if he were in office fifteen years ago?

    Cameron and others have done nothing risky at all for moralistic reasons. If there was a greater risk of them losing support over gay marriage they would not have supported it.

    Brand is absolutely right. These Etonian posh boys do not give a damn about the struggles people face, they give a damn about staying in office and making another few million £’s for themselves and their corporate buddies (also from Eton), then getting a good part time job on some corporate board to make another million a year when they are finally kicked out of government.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 7:59pm

      Not all Eton or even Oxbridge boys are Tories. There are plenty to go around in Labour and Lib Dems too. They are no different than any other western government and the composition of their respective politicians. The Tories rebelled by just over half the party in the marriage bill debate don’t forget. Where was Labour in 2010? Miliband was slow to support equal marriage and should have made it party policy, unlike the Lib Dems the only party to do so.

    2. Um, we don’t have to guess about Cameron’s position on LGBT rights in the past – he became an MP in 2001 and his voting record, speeches, and public comments are all on the web. Basically, he was a strong opponent of LGBT rights until he rapidly started “evolving” a few years ago.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 9:35pm

        Prior to 1967, Labour wasn’t a proponent of LGBT rights either. It too slowly evolved. 22 of them voted against the Marriage Bill.

        1. Prior to 1967, there was not a single country on Earth that recognized LGBT relationships in any way. You’re talking about an era where we were being arrested for entering a club, being assaulted in custody, murdered in the street. If the Labour party was supporting equality waaay back in 1967, they were AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE.

          1. Jane McQueen 17 Nov 2013, 12:36pm

            What a load of nonsense, you obviously don’t have a clue about any form of European history. Prior to 1967 11 European nations had decriminalised homosexuality and several more were in the process of doing so.

            Switzerland (1942)
            Turkey (1858)
            Slovakia (1962)
            The Netherlands (1811)
            Monaco (1793)
            Luxembourg (1795)
            Greece (1951)
            France (1791)
            Denmark (1933)
            Czech Republic (1962)
            Belgium (1793)

            Please do check your facts before you type nonsense in future.

  5. Pink News championing the Tories shocker.
    So the Tories pass marriage legislation. It won’t mean much when the Human Rights Act vanishes, immigration policy means our LGBTQ brothers and sisters are sent back to repressive regimes, our HIV funding vanishes, housing/benefits to protect young LGBTQ runaways is removed, health services for when we’re old and sick are ran into the ground and squeezed dry for profit. They are w*nkers

  6. Can no-one make Russell Brand shut up? Not being “posh” doesn’t prevent him being an A-grade wanker, spouting off about things he knows nothing about. There may be a lot to dislike about Cameron, but he said he believed in equal marriage and he stuck to his guns although it made him very unpopular with his own party, and that deserves to be recognised.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 8:07pm

      Hear hear!! He knew it would be unpopular with his party and could have ditched it under pressure which there most certainly was, but didn’t and took a great deal of bashing from his back benchers. I don’t agree with much that the Tories do but on this, they shone. Labour could have raised the issue during its party conference in 2010, but didn’t.

      Brand is an ignoramus and in dire need of elocution himself. I can’t stand listening to him let alone look at him.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 7:52pm

    Who really gives a toss about what Brand has to say about anything? What exactly has he done for equality? He was rather silent during the equal marriage debate.

  8. I’ve never voted Tory but I believe Cameron took a great personal risk to support Equal Marriage and see it through. He had ample excuse and opportunity to bail out but he stuck to his guns as the pressure mounted. I probably still won’t vote Tory in future but he has gained my respect. So I think Brand is wrong on this occasion.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 9:37pm

      Totally agree with that, credit where credit is due. Cameron stuck his neck out in the face of fierce opposition in his party. That took leadership. A rare equality in leaders today. I deeply respect him for doing that though I’d never vote for the Tories.

      1. I too respect the way Cameron stuck to his guns on the issue of Same Sex Marriage – but lets just pause to reflect he would never have got it through without Labour votes.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Nov 2013, 12:30pm

          Yes, John, I’ll grant you that even though Labour were a little late to the game. It was a brilliant strategic move Cameron made. It’s really the Liberal Democrats who started the ball rolling and who deserve much of the credit.

  9. Brand is merely a vulgar, loud-mouthed comedian desperately seeking attention to revive his failing career after Sachsgate. Why should anyone take the slightest notice about anything he says?

    In contrast, Cameron has demonstrated strong leadership in successfully delivering Equal Marriage despite the virulent, well-funded campaigns by the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, the Mail and the Telegraph, UKIP, and many members of his own party.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2013, 11:47pm

      I second that!

    2. err just thought i should point out that Russell Brand has enjoyed a very successful career since the Andrew Sachs prank call saga. Appearing/starring in multiple Hollywood movies and having his own American show

    3. You obviously aren’t aware of the several US films he’s appeared in since then, the TV shows in the US where he’s made cameo appearances, or the comedy tours either.

      If anything, his career is more impressive in the US right now than it ever was over here.

      If that’s a “failing career”, I want one!

  10. Strange guy Brand. 20% of the tine I think he is great, eloquent, witty and quite deep. The other 80% of the time I think he is a right w***er. !

  11. Meaghan Edwards 16 Nov 2013, 3:02am

    Eeesh at the Brand bashing. The man is supportive of equality. As a bisexual, I believe it is foolish to attack those are for the cause.

    1. Totally agree, that’s why Cameron should be supported for getting equal
      Marriage through and not have someone who has an obvious grudge spouting something that is clearly not true. Attack someone’s policies if you don’t like them but personal insults don’t win any friends.

  12. And you Brand are a pretentious knob head who beliefs his own hype that the public actually care what you ‘think’ – What the feck do you know about the struggle for equality in our community – Do the world a favour and just… shut up!

  13. That There Other David 16 Nov 2013, 10:57am

    LGBT rights are bigger than just marriage equality. Yes Cameron has brought England and Wales into line with our more progressive European neighbours on the marriage front, and should be applauded for doing so, but does that really give his party carte blanche to turn a blind eye to what is happening to LGBTs in Eastern Europe?

    Benefit cuts are another topic entirely. The tirade of propaganda that has been launched against those on benefits since 2010, at a time when jobs have been scarce in most of the country, has been downright disgraceful. I pay a huge amount of tax every year and don’t begrudge one penny of it paying to heat and feed others. If they want to cut the deficit IMO we need less nuclear submarines, not a persecution of those with disabilities or the out of work.

    1. That There Other David 16 Nov 2013, 11:01am

      And if anyone answers this with a “being on benefits should not be a career choice” type response the answer there is to fix our broken education system so that it inspires every youngster to fulfil their potential. Which DOES NOT mean roll the clock back to 1955 methods like that idiot Gove is attempting.

      I should like the Tories, I’m squarely in their target market. Yet I cannot abide their social policies and the way they intentionally turn people into victims then blame and victimise them further. The Right of the Tories in particular don’t seem to understand that actions have consequences. They lack empathy and can only blame those hurt by their actions when things don’t go to plan. Nasty.

      1. So all they have to do is fix the education system and everything will be lovely.


        1. That There Other David 16 Nov 2013, 9:03pm

          You know what? It would be a start.

          But they can’t even get that right can they? All they can think of is the same old failed strategies they’ve tried time and again without success. The more cynical part of me thinks they don’t want to fix it, because then their own children might have to really compete for all the jobs they currently fall into thanks to their public school advantage.

          Social mobility is dead in this country. Completely dead. Are you happy with that?

      2. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Nov 2013, 1:15am

        It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure the education of their child. The state provides a service, if its not up to scratch, it is within every parents power to do something about it. The trouble is, half the country believes if their child isn’t learning, its not their problem its the schools.

        Many kids learn and many kids get a good education and I think you’ll find this helps them get a job. Parents that leave it all to someone else have nothing to complain about when their kids leave school unemployable.

        That’s what need to change.

        Youth unemployment is is outrageous at the moment, but youth unemployment amongst young people coming to this country from other European countries is negligible. The difference is they are prepared for work, and prepared to work.

  14. Glad to see PN readers see this twat for the dickhead he is. Just a few weeks back, he claimed he had a “gay” experience y having brief sex in a toilet with a another man – promoting a stereotype we’ve long quashed. He is simply the worst sort of opportunist. He’s exactly what he labels Cameron, without “posh.”

  15. While I would place myself on the left of the political spectrum and oppose the Tories on just about every measure, even I have to acknowledge that Cameron championing equal marriage in the face of bitter opposition from his own backbenches was an extremely brave thing to do politically. It may cost him the next election but that, and his now multiple speeches deploring global homophobia and LGBTIQ human rights convinces me that Cameron is a tireless supporter of our rights. Someone mentioned a Sochi boycott as if this were a litmus for gay rights but a cursory look at Pink News would be enough to show that even some activists are against a boycott.

    Brand is a silly ill informed attention seeker and not a credible political commentator or. I wish people would stop treating him as if he was.

  16. Interested to know what “w***er” means. It can’t be that he’s a posh writer – his literary output to date is pedestrian at best, but hardly worthy of a PinkNews article. Does he have eye trouble? I’d be surprised if the PM did not get his eyes seen to straight away if he was suffering from something causing him to wink. Cameron probably complains about a lot of things but as he’s PM and a millionaire there will be little reason for him to whine. Finally I doubt Cameron ever had to ‘slum it’ working in a restaurant – though he would never forfeit tips due to being badly dressed. No, it must be something else entirely.

    1. He’s a worker !

  17. Only right-wing homosexuals and conservative sympathisers on are slamming Russell Brand when in actual fact he does have a point The conservatives have never been in favour of equal rights for LGBT people look how they oppressed LGBT people for decades and refused to repeal the most basic of homophobic laws including creating Section 28 in the late 80s and again opposed its repeal in 2003, they also refused to repeal gross indecency laws which were used to prosecute innocent gay men sometimes they were framed by homophobic Police officers throughout the 1980s for acts of gross indecency. Yes David Cameron made same sex marriage possible but yet again more than half of the Tory back-benchers were opposed to it, some gay people have very short memories indeed when sucking up to the right of the political spectrum, if the left hadn`t fought for equality and legislated for it and help change attitudes those on the right would still be treating homosexuals as perverts even now.

  18. Brand is like a hideous self parody, extremely contrived and the only reason he is known in the states is because of his strategic marriage to katy perry. He made a transphobic reference towards lauren harries very recently, with referral to her as “he”, so much for his support of equality .

  19. David Cameron has done a hell of a lot more for gay rights than Brand

  20. Russell Brand says someone else is “a posh w***er”?

    Glass houses, stones…

    1. Well, Brand isn’t “posh”…

  21. Brand is wrong on this.

    Posh men are much better on gay rights in my experience, because they’re likely to have been to an all-boys school, where gay sex is rampant.

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