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Robbie Williams: ‘I’m a straight person pretending to be gay’

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Reader comments

  1. What the hell did I just read? Thanks for the stereotypes Robbie, check your privilege.

    1. “check your privilege” oh god they’re spreading

  2. Lets not take all this too seriously, this is Robbie Williams we’re talking about here lol

    I can imagine there will be plenty commenting about how awful this all is any moment, they need to develop a sense of humour.

    Besides, I always though Robbie was bi. I knew a guy who’d worked back stage with them on part of a UK tour, and he was certain that at least three of them were “dabbling” on the tour bus at the time.

    His sexuality doesn’t make any difference to me, but I won’t lie and say that it isn’t pretty hot to imagine some of the tour bus antics lol

  3. “‘Well, he’s gay, isn’t he?’ No he’s not, he’s just British.”

    Presumably, it was Cliff she was talking about.

    1. Well Cliff is obviously gay but he is a showman first and he doesn’t want to alienate his Christian fans by coming out and saying so.

      1. Can we just rephrase that, Pavlos, please, so it reads “he doesn’t want to tell the truth about himself because his homophobic Christian fans would desert him.”

        1. He hasn’t said he’s gay – he hasn’t said he’s not. He just refuses to comment. Some people are very private about their personal lives. From other stuff he’s said it has become pretty obvious he is. Not all Christians are homophobic by a long chalk. I’ve come across more non-Chistians who are homophobic actually.

        2. Well that was pretty much what I meant Eddy.
          I think Cliff has shared his life with an ex-priest for quite some time now, the right girl never did come along (lol)

  4. And I thought you were a mixed-up celebrity who missed out on any kind of normal life while you were in your teens and twenties, fairly recently you apparently thought you were Sean Connery cloned with Frank Sinatra, face it Robbie you don’t really know who nor what you are still I love you for that.

  5. If your best attempt at wit is to deal in the most vacuous and stale stereotypes, it’s perhaps time to consider shutting up as an effective policy.

  6. He is just trash with cash. 100% chave.

  7. Robbie has slept with men, including my best mate when we were both at college, so he doesn’t have to pretend anything. Pretending to be ‘straight pretending to be gay’ when he’s in-fact, bi. Tiresome.

    1. Shhhh! Ayda might read this!!!

  8. He’s married to Ayda Field,.
    I just realised that if you add a couple letters Ayda you get Gaydar.

  9. No Robbie – you’re a has been pretending to be contemporary again!

  10. Moronic tosser

  11. In my humble opinion, he’s a talentless plonka pretending to be talented.

  12. He is confusing an air of sophistication with the orientation of being gay. Twit!

  13. :) :) Love this article… Can’t help smiling when I wonder why he called his latest release
    “Swings both ways”

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