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Alec Baldwin forced to apologise after hurling anti-gay abuse at photographer

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Reader comments

  1. Once again Alec Baldwin shows his true colours!

  2. Well, what a surprise, Mr. Baldwin is at it again, mouthing off his homophobic trash talk and then having to bring in someone with some common sense in PR to clean up the damage.

    Sorry, Alec, this bull*hit has become too frequent. You’ve obviously used the LGBT rights platform to try to gain some good PR in the past, but you’re true attitudes are clear for everyone to see.

    You know, the most depressing thing about all of this is that his kids will grow up to read some of the disgusting things he’s said. I think someone should pull him aside and point out that his children will lose a lot of respect for him when they grow up and see all of this.

    Imagine having him as a father. Instead of being immensely proud of his acting career, they’ll be ashamed of his homophobia and nonsense ranting.

  3. E. Carpenter 15 Nov 2013, 7:42pm

    I have been an accomplished cock sucking faggot for decades (and famous as such on several continents) and I am in the generation of gay men who originally restored both of those words to their rightful place, taking them back from the ignorant and depraved homophobes.

    Because I lived those years, I understand that both those terms were originally ingrained in men of my generation as epithets.

    Straight gay allies like Baldwin no longer use those words as epithets in ordinary conversation, because they just don’t think like that any more. But when you have lived through many social changes, in moments of anger you may find yourself using obsolete words in ways that are no longer valid because you are just too angry to think of the obsolete word’s modern equivalent.

    Younger men often don’t understand how this works, but they will, if they live long enough.

  4. E. Carpenter 15 Nov 2013, 7:51pm

    @Jonathan – his true colors are rainbow. He has been a staunch LGBT supporter, publicly and privately, for a very long time. Yes he uses obsolete epithets when he’s really really angry – but when he’s not angry, he’s not only a supporter, he’s an admirer.

    1. It is when someone is angry (or very drunk) that a their true personality and thoughts shine through. The use of LGBT rights as a PR excercise has become very prevalent by some celebrities, and more often than not their underlying personality is too strong to be supressed

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