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Video: Russian officials spy on LGBT activist meeting to portray Western ‘homosexualist infiltration’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Nov 2013, 5:23pm

    Sounds as if the KGB is alive and well.

    1. It is.

  2. you need to translate this video. Too much hate in one video toward LGBT people.

  3. greggaravani 14 Nov 2013, 8:12pm

    I wonder how much gay porn is on all these homophobes computers.

  4. Christopher in Canada 15 Nov 2013, 3:42am

    I look at the East – from the Finland border to the Pacific, south to the Arafura Sea. I look at the oppressive religions, the lack of public education, the misogynism and the sweat shops, the blatant capitalism and other inhumanities, and come to one conclusion:

    I am glad to be of the Westminster model of governance, in the most western of all the so-called “Western” nations. It’s not perfect, but we try. My luck to simply have been born here. If only we all had the opportunities and true freedoms I take for granted.

    1. Look at the countries ranking well for press freedom, democratic standards, health services, education etc, and you will generally see a progressive, stable and wealthy nation. Compare these nations to countries where religious beliefs are rampant and infecting the leadership, and you see the complete opposite.

      Russia is a country that is only in the forefront because of size and natural resources, if it were far smaller a nation it would be in the same group as many of the little dictatorships where Human rights are ignored and basic living standards are inconsequential.

      Most of those Soviet nations have no education, no real public services, massive poverty, racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia… it’s no real surprise when you see the complete lack of basic educational standards and an “Orthodox church” dictating to the masses.

      We are indeed lucky to live in modern countries, not living 100 years behind like Russia.

  5. 0:34:00 is that Vitaly Milonov? Ugh…

  6. Remember, the IOC says that it’s fine, nothing to see, the Olympics will be okay and every LGBT person visiting or participating will be safe… !

    It’s a little difficult to believe that when we see things like this, attacks by the state trying to make propaganda material to encourage an ultra nationalism in the public. He is directly creating a new fascist nation, making everyone who might be “different” a target for attack to unify the idiot Russian masses.

    I know I say this every time I read something happening in Russia, but Putin is literally reading from a Nazi instruction manual. Hitler might not have had access to bugging technology, but he certainly created mass propaganda to stir up hatred toward gay people, immigrants and Jews.

    It’s about time countries started expressing open outrage about this, directly comparing his actions to those of Hitler. We cannot keep ignoring this.

    Now is the time to open the borders to asylum seekers, and to start rebuilding our military.

  7. “He said: ‘There’s one very large sponsor, an automobile company, that absolutely refuses to talk about homosexuality.’”

    That’s Volkswagen.

    An acquaintance of mine works at Volkswagen Group Rus, which manages manufacturing in Russia as well as sales in the countries of the former Soviet Union. She said the Russian government pressured them to become sponsors of Sochi Olympic Games under the threat of creating problems for their business (Volkswagen has two plants in Russia). However, I think that’s no excuse. It’s not like VW is a tiny company that is powerless against Russian pressure. It’s just that their management are greedy cynics. They may reap short-term benefits, but they will suffer long-term, as this is the second time VW is supporting a fascist regime. I will never buy Volkswagen after this episode.

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