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US: Texas school refuses allowing trans student to wear a tuxedo in graduation photo

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Reader comments

  1. was denied being able to wear

    Aaron, did you actually make it to the dizzy heights of GCSE English?

    1. The most tragic thing is that the US website he stole this story from was actually grammatically correct.

      The Pink News official policy is to steal from US websites and to pass the stories off as being original.

      Pity that PN writers seem barely literate.

      have you seen what a dreadful writer Joseph McCormick is?

  2. Edgar Carpenter 14 Nov 2013, 4:53pm

    I still don’t see how thread can have gender. Cloth is male or female depending on the shapes it’s cut into, and how it’s sewn together? I don’t see it.

    In our culture, this is another odd result of Christian theology, which claims that clothes are male or female, and have to match the physical gender of the person wearing them.

    I think tuxes look good on most humans, as do ball gowns. This school is showing a major deficit of critical thinking.

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