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Manchester: Lesbian couple sue NHS after hospital prevented them from accessing IVF

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Reader comments

  1. The nhs are slow in general due to high demand and lack of staff.

    The slow response they received was because of the normality of the nhs. Using the same sex lesbian mistreatment is just a way for the couple to receive compensation for something when it’s not needed

    1. I know the couple involved, and the response they received was not in any way ‘normal’. We are not talking about general delays caused by being over-stretched, but actual acts of failing to progress things that went on for a couple of years, including failing to carry out tests that would have shown up something that would have entirely changed the treatment. You are not in a position to tell other people what medical interventions are ‘needed’ in their lives Paul!

  2. They’re deliberately bringing a child into the world (or trying to) without it having a father (I’ve sympathy with gay couples adopting as the child is there anyway), and we’re supposed to have sympathy for them? I don’t. What they’re doing is contemptible.
    Mind you heterosexual couples who go through all this IVF treatment when there are children in need of homes are also contemptible. Selfish the lot of them-gay or straight.

    1. What a hateful and bigoted thing to say.
      Gay people aren’t allowed children until they adopt all the heterosexuals kids in care first?

      Fu©k you and your bigotry you imbecile

      1. Eloquently put! :)

        The imbecile is also condoning health professionals rationing treatment according to their own prejudices. Let’s hope that should the imbecile ever require a heart transplant or something that the cardiologist doesn’t have a problem with treating ignorant tw@ts. :)

      2. I don’t care what you say; to deliberately deny a child an opposite sex parent is wrong. Now, OK, I’m fine with gay couples adopting as the opportunity to have a good home life has passed these children by. Fair enough. I did also say here that I find IVF contemptible for all couples when there are children requiring homes. I’m afraid you’re the imbecile if you think IVF is a good thing. It’s selfish for ALL couples-gay or straight.

    2. The mysogenistic rubbish that you spout has been proven to be so time and time again by numerous longitudinous studies. Children raised by lesbians are just as well-adjusted as their peers, if not more so. And you dismiss all the amazing and resilient children who for whatever reason only have one loving parent.

      As regards to adoption, have you any idea as to how invasive and protracted an experience it is? And have you any idea as the discriminatory practices at work in the adoption process? Salford will not consider anyone currently taking medication for a mental illness, even if a person has been taking that medication for years and is well-maintained. Given the high rates of depression and anxiety experienced by lesbians and gay men, it is an effective barrier to prevent significant numbers of fantastic would-be parents from adopting.

    3. I think you might be reading the wrong newspaper? A very disappointing comment – thanks but no thanks.

    4. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Nov 2013, 4:28pm

      If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you adopt a few yourself, put your money where your mouth is? What next, call widows and widowers with children who don’t remarry selfish? Mind your bloody business and get a life.

    5. Frank Boulton 17 Nov 2013, 7:57am

      Well, Sam, you certainly don’t make any effort at hiding your double standards, do you? In using fertility technology to parent their own children, same-sex couples and infertile heterosexual couples are only fulfilling the same dreams as most of the rest of humanity. So, why is it more selfish for us to have our own children than it is for you to do it? Plenty of LGBTI people and infertile straights adopt children but please remember that we’re not brought into this world to fix the failings of less responsible parents, who abandon their children or turn out to be unfit parents.

    6. Sam – There is nothing selfish about two people who love each other wanting to have children, together, as a family. Equal rights for all, just deal with it.

  3. myself and my partner are going through the same thing, the nhs here in mansfield,notts are using the excuse of us being lesbians to not help us with ivf, i am 41 and have been trying for a baby for 20 years, it is heartbreaking that i cannot get the help that heterosexual couples get, now they are using the ecuse of age 39 being the cut off date, i researched this with the N.I.C.E website and it states that all women are entitled to one full cycle of ivf through the NHS between the ages of 40-42, i am now fighting as this is my last chance.

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