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Luxembourg to become first country to have gay prime minister and gay deputy PM

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Nov 2013, 2:16pm

    Well done, Luxembourg. His partner, Destenay is also very handsome indeed. I don’t think we’ll ever see an openly gay PM in the UK, let alone a deputy PM.

  2. ItchycooMark 14 Nov 2013, 3:24pm

    Go Luxembourg!!

  3. We live in a good world.

  4. This is what can happen when an educated population rejects the childish nonsense of organised religion. I hope I live long enough to see the disestablishment of church and state in the UK and an openly gay prime minister in government.

    1. Love this comment. So true

  5. Seriously, my partner and I may be MOVING! Ah, the joy of living amongst a largely enlightened people!

    Do we have any gay contenders for the leadership of any of our leading political parties here in the UK?

    I think there’s a greater chance of us having a black leader of the Labour and Conservative parties, Amuna and Afriye respectively, than there is of us having gay leaders.

  6. I’m more bothered about policies than sexuality, hopefully one day this will be more paramount than whoever someone who chooses to share their bed with…………..

  7. I think it fair to say that it could never happen in Britain, This country has too many people who accept LGBT some of the time but none of our parties would not have their leaders in the top places. Not in a month of sundays

  8. The Benelux countries are amazing on LGBT rights: the first and secon country to have SSM, and now 2 of the 3 countries in the region have gay PMs. Impressive. People seem to be now ready to move beyond sexuality as a “make or break” element of identity and to look at people for their personal qualities as leaders.

    1. Luxembourg does sadly not have SSM yet, only partnerships, but the latest RTL poll placed support at 83% for marriage and 58% for adoption, so I presume it is only a matter of time.

  9. Well done Luxembourg. He in Greece we are so very far behind, sadly.

  10. Helge Vladimir Tiller 15 Nov 2013, 10:22pm

    In fact Norway had the first openly gay PM. Per Kristian Foss ( conservative ) deputized for PM Bondevik in the year 2002. Today Our Health Minister in the new government is openly gay. And a few MPs–6 or 7. Just to inform you. Congratulations Luxembourg ! Great News-

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