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Gay activist challenges homophobic ban in both Trinidad and Tobago and Belize

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Reader comments

  1. Derek Williams 14 Nov 2013, 2:35pm

    Children raised in these hellholes face an uphill battle, being taught to hate others by their religion and by their laws.

    1. Sure insult entire nations and millions of individuals while saying that they instill hate. Clearly, you do not seem to have an understanding of the social climate of both of these nations of which there are many religions, where there are many different types of people all apart of several cultural diaspora. In a place where many races and cultures can co-exist relatively peacefully – unlike the United States where races are constantly pitted against each other – I wonder if Trinidadian society is the true hellhole. I implore you to do some research on these nations before subjecting them to your stereotypical view of what makes a developing nation. Until so you should probably not be speaking on the issues within said “hellholes”.

    2. Hi, Derek:

      The real uphill battle kids face is that in addition to growing up being taught to hate themselves, they then get taught to hate their countries by folks on the internet who call them hellholes. We who live here are working hard to make them better places for young people to grow up. We could use a little cooperation from folks in the comfortable North in helping young people imagine that it gets better.

  2. gary hannar 14 Nov 2013, 2:49pm

    I served in british forces belize a few times and in doing so allowed them to achieve their independence and a safe way of life , as a gay man I feel that they have obviously not taken on board the fact that people like myself and their own citizens are being persecuted ……SHAME ON THEM !

  3. The image of the Trinidadian passport is from colonial times. You question the independent nation’s laws yet use imagery that implies they are still a colony.

  4. Germany attempted to move their social order forward by “steam-rolling” over Jewish people and gay people under Hitler. What that proves is that no society can legitimately advance itself by enacting hostile laws toward minority groups.
    My husband and I had planned a trip to Belize before I knew of this hateful law. We won’t be going there but will be pressuring business to stop working with those countries.
    Worst move any country could make.

  5. CAn anyone tell us why no news on the court case that happened 6 months ago? How did the court rule or when will they rule? Never?

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