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Comment: Northern Ireland’s Health Minister will only be remembered for homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. The odious little creature won’t be remembered at all. For anything. By anyone.

  2. Joint First Minister Robinson has stated that he would rotate his DUP ministers during this session of the assembly. He moved the Finance Minsiter eary to allow Simon hamilton some time to build profile.
    He is due to move his other Ministers in January 2014. That’s Health and Trade. Expect Poots to absorb these blows, shore up the evangelicals and a pragmatist to take over in January. Robinson will say this was his plan all along and he wasn’t moving Poots due to pressure.
    The question is who will we get next? Jim Wells, who is exactly in the same mould aas Poots? Or one of the pragmatists? Arlene Foster as the heir apparent? Shall be interesting.

  3. I think he, and many more in the province, will always be regarded as backwards-looking bigots. After all, the people there elected him and his ilk. I hope, one day, they can start to look to the future instead of the past – (they still harp-on about disputes going back to the 1600’s. I mean, …. c’mon, people …. )

    1. yeah because the English never do that do they ??!!!!…….Guy Fawkes Night,,ongong anatagonism towards the French &,Germans, The Monarchy

  4. Can we also remember him for looking surprisingly like a nerdier Bashar al-Assad

    1. Meh, yes but only if we can remember Bashar al-Assad as a photoshopped Edwin Poots.

  5. Seán óg Garland 8 Dec 2013, 8:54am

    The reality is Edwin poots is a poll topper in Lagan Valley he is just saying what many in his party view and think .There is other politicians in the North of Ireland who think the same just look how some in the SDLP betrayed the LGBT community .The UUP must also make clear position on LGBT equality . The Alliance party has moved form an anti gay position to a pro one and that is a good thing for our community .I don’t think we should be looking to Heterosexual politicians to stand up against Poots and other bigots in powerful positions in the North of Ireland . We should be standing up them ourself’s as queer history has shown us groups like outrage and the use of direct Action has got us where we are today and got us Rights we thought we would never have ..

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