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US: Man justifies attack on lesbian sister by saying her relationship goes against Islam

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Reader comments

  1. He thinks being a lesbian is bad, but hitting someone with a crowbar and beating his sister isn’t considered a disgrace to his family and doesn’t go against islam. What an imbecile.

    1. well he’s not an imbecile; beating his sister does *not* go against Islam. it is the lessons of Islam. Islam is the problem here.

  2. Another nail in the coffin for organised superstition – No longer acceptable for moronic bigots to hide their narrow-minded hatred behind a so called belief –

  3. ‘Belief’ = ‘Brainwashing’. When is the world going to wake-up to how backward it all is? Think how much more advanced we’d all be had religion not held us back for so many centuries.
    PS. The world IS round. We have the scientific proof.

  4. Christopher Coleman 13 Nov 2013, 4:15pm

    Let’s forget about politically correct tolerance and accept the fact that Islamic culture encourages the oppression and ill-treatment of women. I have on several occasions in my working life had to support female students who were afraid to spend time on their research assignments, because their brothers would beat them if they got home after a specified time. This kind of barbarism should not be tolerated in our civilized, western countries. It is offensive to our culture. We should move beyond legal restraints and actively speak out against these attitudes on every available occasion. Let’s not forget the frequent news from Nigeria, Pakistan, etc. reporting the murder of Christians by Islamic extremists. Some of hese people will not behave well, no matter how tolerant we are towards them.

    1. “politically correct tolerance” of intolerance .The double standards ,contradictions and hypocrisy of the phoney liberal pc brigade is nauseating. that they can peddle support for beliefs/communities etc simultaneously , that are antithesis of each other is validity of their insincere agenda.

      1. You do realise that doesn’t actually make any sense right…?

  5. E. Carpenter 13 Nov 2013, 6:26pm

    This kind of “honor killing” is forbidden by Islam. It’s a cultural, not a religious-based thing, which is freely admitted by most “honor” killers. If this kid really said such a thing, he’s like a Christian who says God likes slavery (some Christians still believe this).

    I’m no fan of religions, I think they’re just communal craziness, but if you’re going to bash a religion, do it for real reasons, not made-up reasons. This kind of story feeds into Muslim-bashing, and we don’t need any more violence in the world.

    1. All right, but how many recent murders purportedly excused by “honour” can be ascribed to Christians?

      Though on one level I think you’re right: the issue here is barbaric tribalism – and misogyny – using “scripture” as an excuse.

      1. I’m guessing the answer is: ‘we don’t know because the press doesn’t generally bother adding them up in the way it does for any idiot who tries to carry out one and is Muslim’…no…?

        1. Really, Staircase 2? You really think if a man tried to kill his sister and the motive was adherence to a purportedly Christian belief, it wouldn’t be reported in the UK press? I can’t agree with you there.

          When parents have allowed their children to die out of adherence to fundamental Christianity of some particularly deranged variety it’s certainly hit the papers here.

    2. Mikkkkeyyy 14 Nov 2013, 1:04am

      Religion plays on the weak and their desire to overcome the reality of mortality. People trying to tell themselves they are some kind of divine being rather than apart of everything else in nature is truly the abomination and has brought and will bring further destruction of mankind.

    3. As your double standards comment on Christianity is perceived as feeding into Christian -bashing.

      1. Did you actually bother to read what E Carpernter said before allowing your kneejerk to jump to attention…?
        I suggest you actually READ it before projecting your existing prejudices ONTO it…

    4. This kind of “honor killing” is forbidden by Islam.

      No it’s not… the entire idea of honor killing is extrapolated from a parable located in the Quran at 18:65-81.

    5. In all fairness, while I view radical Christians as more dangerous than a minority of ineffectual Islamic crazies, the religious beliefs he espouses are core to this story.

      It’s not attacking Islam to state facts. The guy used his religious beliefs as an excuse to maim people, he is a fanatic, no more and no less, comparable to any religious crazy using their “beliefs” as an excuse to attack other people.

      It really makes no difference whether he were Christian or Muslim, the fact that religion is at the core of his actions is one of the important things about this story.

    6. Frank Boulton 16 Nov 2013, 7:09am

      What balderdash! It doesn’t matter whether the perpetrators of such attacks have culture or religion as their excuse. Time-honoured practice no more justifies violence than does time-honoured superstition. I think that the man’s sister and her girlfriend will take little comfort in being told than this attack was only motivated by culture and not scripture.

  6. Joe in California 13 Nov 2013, 8:26pm

    Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  7. My dad nearly murdered me when I was 5 because I was “gay” and asked for barbie dolls. He beat me within an inch of my life. That was when I realized my parents were capable of killing me and to never show them who I really am. Back then it was hiding my interest for Barbie, then boys as I grew up. I am from a middle eastern family that migrated to USA. I always kind of told myself my dad… He was just angry and went overboard, he never would really kill me. Just cause it’s better to think otherwise. Finally I grow up and hear stories about how a father took his two preteen daughters out in a cab and shot them in the chest because they were too Americanized and reality sinks in. I get infuriated and I take it very personal. These people who think they can just kill their offspring because they don’t like how they live, or love. I want to wipe these people off the face of the planet. They don’t deserve nature’s indiscriminate gift of life.

  8. Obviously what he’s done is appalling, but.. charged with terrorism? Really?

    1. From wikipedia: A terroristic threat is defined as a declaration of intent to commit a crime of violence against another with the intent of threatening a person, building, facility, or public or private habitat.
      They’re not saying he’s a terrorist, just that he made the threats to bash their heads in, which happens to have a scary sounding definition.

    2. It doesn’t specify whether this is the reason for him being charged with terrorism offenses, that might be related to something else.

      Still, the definition of terrorism is the act of causing terror in others based on political ideals. So, does this conform to that definition? It seems to, but I don’t know. What I do know is that the US has the ability to class absolutely anyone as a terrorist whenever they like, and that he’s attacked someone else based on his political/religious opinions.

      Either way, I won’t be shedding any tears over him being charged with whatever they can throw at him.

  9. Ahmed, you little pig, your lifestyle goes against humanity. How about we beat YOU a bit with a crowbar? Pig.

  10. What a bloody idiot
    Isn’t it also time we stood up and talked about how these types of crime are usually committed by men?

  11. stone him

  12. Looks like a retard!!

  13. They bow to a meteorite five times a day (a.k.a. praying to Mecca where the meteorite sits). That tells you everything you need to know about their sanity.

  14. Rudehamster 15 Nov 2013, 8:16am

    Ugly little f*cker, isn’t he.

  15. Wrong! Islam is NOT against homosexuality. These type of people just listen to what they have been taught and follow, they never have read the quran.

    1. Perhaps you would like to get back to us quoting all the positive references to homosexuality and same sex relationships in the Quran. I’m fascinated.

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