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Northern Ireland Health Minister: The ‘natural order’ for having a child is a man and a woman

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Reader comments

  1. Every time this man opens his mouth, out pours hate and bile.

    He is stupid beyond comprehension.

    1. There’s a couple of male swans on the river near where I live and last winter they appeared to have adopted a young goose that didn’t fly off with the rest of the geese, they have stayed together as what appears to be a family since then, the two male swans are still caring for their now larger goose child.
      It’s very obvious they have formed a family, they are always together and the two male swans seem to be very protective of their adopted goose child usually paddling either side of it, they seem very happy together.

  2. Mike Dalgarno 13 Nov 2013, 10:50am

    How to state the bleeding obvious…of course it’s a “natural order” of a man and woman creating child…as much as we would like to deny it. It’s not possible for two men or two women to create a child together (trust me I have tried).

    But there is a difference in “natural order” in relation to having a child and being a parent. Your sexuality does not affect your ability to be a natural parent.

  3. There would be no need for adoption if all the natural order mummies and daddies were fit parents.

  4. Poots has no right to many things, banning perfectly healthy gay men and women donating blood to save lives, allowing same sex couples to adopt kids, calling himself a “Christian” or even calling himself a human being. How dare he think he can waste so much money on such frivolous acts! Its ridiculous! Shame on him for it! people are losing their jobs because the government has to make budget cuts and this Ass thinks its ok to squander £40,000 on stopping kids having loving parents and people getting blood transfusions!

  5. Sinead Harkin 13 Nov 2013, 11:16am

    It’s because of people like him I left Ireland

  6. What a vile, ignorant bigot, totally brainwashed by religion. You can see the vacuousness in his smile. If procreation by a man and a woman is the ‘natural order’, how come the male seahorse (and several other species) gives birth? Why did his ‘god’ allow scientists to develop artificial insemination and ‘test-tube’ births without smiting them? People like Poots make my stomach churn and those who elected him should be utterly ashamed of themselves for putting such an ignorant, homophobic nut job in a position of power.

  7. Quick, someone needs to completely reorganize the care system, destroy all the homes, ban single people from foster care, start snatching children from single parents!

    This man is a raving loon, his nonsense ramblings make him dangerous in his job and he should be removed.

  8. CH Brighton 13 Nov 2013, 11:51am

    It seems as though Mr Poots is using the democratic political system to try and impose his own ant-democratic religious world view.

  9. I think PN has missed what sounds almost like an admission from Poots …that indicates he himself might have gay attractions that he’s resisting, this would certainly explain why gay issues get him so aroused.

    “He was asked during assembly question time if he thought homosexuality was a treatable illness or an “abomination.”

    Mr Poots denied he thought homosexuality was an illness, but said there were heterosexual men “who would desire lots of other folks”.

    He added: “Those of us who are married shouldn’t be doing that. People can resist urges. And in terms of all of this I would just encourage people to take a sensible and rational view of these issues.”

  10. My wife and I are exactly the kind of professionals whom Stormont needs to be encouraging to remain in Northern Ireland if it is ever to be more than a large drain on the Westminster exchequer.

    How can we stay and raise a family in a jurisdiction where the Health Minister makes a public announcement that we are unfit parents?

    This man is not merely an embarrassment. He is a danger to same-sex couples and our families, and his bigotry creates the kind of society which educated people can’t leave fast enough. He is a disgrace and he needs to be removed from his post.

  11. About all I can think of in reaction is “What a twit.”

    Yes, of course the “natural order” for conceiving a child is a man and a woman. That says absolutely nothing about raising a child.

  12. Beelzeebub 13 Nov 2013, 2:38pm

    “Those of us who are married shouldn’t be doing that. People can resist urges.”

    Oops. You forgot that we CANT get married yet, specifically because people like constantly you get in the way of it.


  13. Frank Boulton 16 Nov 2013, 8:36am

    “Natural order” is just a man-made construct, which is used more often than not to try to stifle natural diversity by those with vested interests in maintaining a biased status quo.

    What this moron fails to note is that heterosexual mating often results in accidental and unwanted offspring, whose nurturing the couple is often ill equipped to do well. When two women or two men decide to have children, it is done with forethought and planning. We spend long years saving for fertility treatment and child rearing. It’s not that we’re better than heterosexuals. We just happen not to be vulnerable to the pitfall of accidental pregnancy.

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